Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Motto and Really Funny Friends

I missed yesterday...I was busy. And I was busy today, too. More about that later. So here's the Getting to Know Me in 30 Days questions for Oct. 4 & 5.

Oct. 4
Do you have a life motto?

I don't really have a "motto" but my philosophy on life is just to be kind. Be a nice person. Be sympathetic, have empathy, show love and compassion. Of course we all have our moments that we wish we could take back and when we were not acting nice. We're human after all. But just be kind. (I have to admit I often beat myself up with guilt if I think I've hurt someone's feelings. I get obsessive about it).

So I guess my motto is "Be kind."

Oct. 5

Here's where my friends come in and think they are so funny. I asked for questions, and here's what I get...
1. Where is Oct. 4th post? Nice question...I was busy smarty pants, ahem, I mean, Baloney AND Impulsive.
2. Are you coming to the fair with me? I really do think anyone who reads this wants to know if I'm going to the fair with Baloney. Right? Since this is apparently a really important question that people want to know, my answer is no, I'm not going to the Fair. Tomorrow is my day to volunteer in my son's Kindergarten class. And there's no way I'm missing that! (I'm still adjusting to him being away from me all day, M-F. So I'm going to spend time with my boy). Really, it would've been fun, though. Have a turkey leg and fried doggie toes for me! Love ya, Baloney!!!

More tomorrow, friends!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting to Know You in 30 Days

In an effort to blog more, I've decided to do one of those "30 Day to Get to Know Me." In other words, each day I'm going to answer a question (or post a pic, depending on what the question of the day is...I'm getting the questions off the Internet) about myself or my life, etc. Surely I can manage to answer one question per day and post it. Ya think?

Since I'm three days late getting started--I was going to start on Oct. 1--today you get the first three questions. Thanks for following along. I'm hoping to incorporate any linkies into the questions...just going to have to get creative on how to cross brand (but I'm a former marketing professional, I think I can manage). So let's get's getting to know you...I mean, me.

Oct. 1 (should've been):
Post a current pic of yourself

Here you go. That's me.
Oct. 2 (happy birthday to my mom yesterday, Oct. 2):
What is your full name and tell us about it...were you named after anyone, did you like your name as a kid, etc., etc.

My full name is Alyssa Allison (I'm not giving you my maiden name or last name, even though you probably know what it is. Still, just for precautionary measures). Not named after anyone, my mom just liked the name Alyssa. My sister and I have the same middle name--Allison. Guess my mom really liked that name. Did I like my name as a kid? NO! Though the name Alyssa is becoming more and more popular, when I was a kid it was NOT popular. And I wanted a popular name so I could buy a personalized bicycle license plate or mug. I wanted to be a Stephanie or Molly or Jill or one of those names that were popular when I was kid. Also, my maiden name started with the letter A. So that was super awesome to have the initials AAA. Not really. But I'm okay with my name now. You know how it is when you're a kid, you just want to be like the other kids.

Oct. 3
When is your birthday and do you share it with a celebrity? What's your sign and do you fit the stereotype of your zodiac sign?

My birthday is May 11, and I don't think there are any celebrities with it. Hold on, let me Google that.....looks like Natasha Richardson. My sign is Taurus. I'm not really into that whole zodiac sign business, but apparently Taurus are patient and reliable, possessive, inflexible, stubborn, warm hearted and loving, persistent and determined, steadfast, loyal, and don't like change (got those personality traits off the web). Looking at those, I would say, yes, I fall into most of those categories. Except the "don't like change"...I'm pretty spontaneous and a go-with-the-flow type of gal.'s what I want from you. What do you want to know? What questions would you like me to answer? I'd love it if you'd give me your questions...leave it in the comments!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Talk to Us Tuesday--On a Wednesday

I promised Impulsive that I'd link up to her new linky dealy. Her linky is on is Wednesday. So, as always I'm a day late. That's my life.

Impulsive's linky is Talk to Us Tuesday where you basically just chat about whatever you want. So I'm going to give it a try--and try not to bore you. Here goes:

(Patrick after he scored a goal! Yay!! His back is to the camera, that other little cutie is his best friend. They are so cute together...little boys, LOVE THEM!)
-I'm officially a soccer mom--but NO mini van! Patrick is playing soccer this fall. He loves it, it's super cute and we're having fun. Is there anything cuter than little 5/6 year old boys and girls running around in their too big chin guards. And really, you know why they play...for the after game snacks.

-My heart was so sad and heartbroken for the past two weeks. A friend of mine lost her 4 month old baby. It's the first time that a child of one of my friends died. I struggled with the right words to say, when to act and when to back off. I couldn't make sense of it, this precious family who has gone through so much heartbreak already. Why is this happening to them? They are the strongest, most faithful family I've ever seen. God is with them everyday. But won't you please say a prayer for my friend (God will know who you're talking about, I don't want to put her name out in public without her permission), for continued healing of her heart, peace, understanding and for them to help their other children grieve while she's grieving herself. And give your children one more hug and tell them you love them, life is precious and unpredictable.

-I'm obsessed with my hair. It's ridiculously out of control and ugly right now! I need to get my highlights done, but I don't know what to do. I'm in need of a serious hair cut, but I don't know what I want. Ugh, my hair has always caused me great disdain (except when I was preggers with Patrick, I had awesome hair then).

-Visit Comment, put something in the forum. Stop by and say 'hi'! We'd love to see you over there. There's big plans coming down the pick for, can't wait to tell you about it when I know more. But stop by!

(seriously, why'd I put this ridiculous photo of me on here? It's the only pic I have of myself running...gag). knew I was going to go there. I've had some serious setbacks lately. Nothing physical. It's all mental. My motivation is gone. I need to get my running mojo back! Help! I used to run at least 4 times a week, but now I struggle to get out twice a week. I just don't feel like going. And I actually kind of like running (well, I don't like it when I'm doing it, but I love the way I feel afterwards--weird, I know). If anyone would like to give me some words of motivation, that would be great.

So there you have, my "Talk" for Talk to Us Tuesday (on a Wednesday). Sorry I wasn't too boring.

Monday, September 12, 2011


I think I mentioned back in January that we got two new kitties. Manx kitties. They were sweet, little teeny baby kitties when we got them.

Then they grew.

And ate.

A lot.

And turned into adolescent kitties.

And now they are ornery.

This is Toby, he's into shredding paper towels and toilet paper. Usually he does his little shredding destruction when we're gone. But this time I heard a ruckus in the kitchen and tiptoed in....BUSTED!!!

I feel like I have a toddler in the house again. I keep telling myself it's a phase, soon they'll be big, fat, lazy cats that just lay around in the sunlight all day (I'm ok with that).

And I admit....they are still sweet. I'm pretty smitten with these kittens.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Daydreaming on a Friday Afternoon

I'm following in Impulsive's footsteps today and hooking up with her friend, Becca, who hosts a Friday DayDreaming on her blog. It's kinda cool (well, not 'kinda', it IS cool), where you post a vacation pic and daydream about it. You should go over and visit and link up.

So, here's what I've got for this week. Last month, as you know, we went to Cape San Blas, FL.
Had another wonderful time. It's a magical place, but one of the best times of the day is sunset. The sunsets are amazing, I literally stand there and just stare until the sun drops into the ocean and leaves behind a glowing horizon.

This is Katie standing at the ocean's edge watching the sun go down. She just stood there and watched and watched. When the sun was gone and darkness had descended on us, she turned and said, "well, that was another great day." Love her!

I'd like to just sit here on this Friday afternoon and dream about standing in the warm ocean as the waves lap around my feet watching a beautiful sunset.

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Neck of the Woods--Angry Birds

I'm linking up with the RHOK today to share what's going on in My Neck of the Woods. What's really going on is back-to-school preparation (school starts one week from today), but I'm choosing to ignore that and squeeze every last minute out of summer. So let's just pretend BTS isn't happening.


Here's what's going on in My Neck of the Woods...

The Angry Birds live show.

Of course we've all played Angry Birds on our phones or iPads. And I'm sure you know that the stuffed animal birds are available for purchase (at the grocery store and other retailers). If your kids have blocks they build up the village with the pigs strategically placed then they throw the stuffed Angry Birds at it. It's totally awesome when the blocks come crashing down over and over and over again on the wood floor (**sarcasm**). But shoot, they're happy, so it's all good.

That's what's going on in My Neck of the Woods!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It's hot. We know, we know. It's HOT! So please quit posting your dashboard temp gauges on Facebook, etc. We're all hot and we all know it's hot. Ok?

Sorry to get testy...I think the heat is getting to me (ho ho ha ha hee hee). Not really...I like HOT weather--I'm cool with it!

Ok, seriously, it's not going to be hot forever, so let's all simmer down a bit and put it into perspective.

You could be doing this....

Or this...

See this...this is the temperature forecast for Baghdad, Iraq.
It's really hot there, too.

As you know, I don't get political on the ol blog (in the words of Bush the 1st "not gunna do it"), but I think we need to put our little heat wave in perspective. You're probably wearing shorts, tank tops, swimsuits, flip flops, etc. Not full combat gear. Just keep that in mind the next time you say, "ugh, I'm soooo hot." We don't have it that bad.

Hopping off my soapbox now. Hope you have a great Wednesday!!!