Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Motto and Really Funny Friends

I missed yesterday...I was busy. And I was busy today, too. More about that later. So here's the Getting to Know Me in 30 Days questions for Oct. 4 & 5.

Oct. 4
Do you have a life motto?

I don't really have a "motto" but my philosophy on life is just to be kind. Be a nice person. Be sympathetic, have empathy, show love and compassion. Of course we all have our moments that we wish we could take back and when we were not acting nice. We're human after all. But just be kind. (I have to admit I often beat myself up with guilt if I think I've hurt someone's feelings. I get obsessive about it).

So I guess my motto is "Be kind."

Oct. 5

Here's where my friends come in and think they are so funny. I asked for questions, and here's what I get...
1. Where is Oct. 4th post? Nice question...I was busy smarty pants, ahem, I mean, Baloney AND Impulsive.
2. Are you coming to the fair with me? I really do think anyone who reads this wants to know if I'm going to the fair with Baloney. Right? Since this is apparently a really important question that people want to know, my answer is no, I'm not going to the Fair. Tomorrow is my day to volunteer in my son's Kindergarten class. And there's no way I'm missing that! (I'm still adjusting to him being away from me all day, M-F. So I'm going to spend time with my boy). Really, it would've been fun, though. Have a turkey leg and fried doggie toes for me! Love ya, Baloney!!!

More tomorrow, friends!

1 comment:

Impulsive Addict said...

Well, I'm not going either. I really need to stay away from the fair food. I can eat my weight in fried pickles and corn dogs.

Wait, did you say doggie toes?

Have fun volunteering tomorrow!