Friday, August 12, 2011

Daydreaming on a Friday Afternoon

I'm following in Impulsive's footsteps today and hooking up with her friend, Becca, who hosts a Friday DayDreaming on her blog. It's kinda cool (well, not 'kinda', it IS cool), where you post a vacation pic and daydream about it. You should go over and visit and link up.

So, here's what I've got for this week. Last month, as you know, we went to Cape San Blas, FL.
Had another wonderful time. It's a magical place, but one of the best times of the day is sunset. The sunsets are amazing, I literally stand there and just stare until the sun drops into the ocean and leaves behind a glowing horizon.

This is Katie standing at the ocean's edge watching the sun go down. She just stood there and watched and watched. When the sun was gone and darkness had descended on us, she turned and said, "well, that was another great day." Love her!

I'd like to just sit here on this Friday afternoon and dream about standing in the warm ocean as the waves lap around my feet watching a beautiful sunset.

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Neck of the Woods--Angry Birds

I'm linking up with the RHOK today to share what's going on in My Neck of the Woods. What's really going on is back-to-school preparation (school starts one week from today), but I'm choosing to ignore that and squeeze every last minute out of summer. So let's just pretend BTS isn't happening.


Here's what's going on in My Neck of the Woods...

The Angry Birds live show.

Of course we've all played Angry Birds on our phones or iPads. And I'm sure you know that the stuffed animal birds are available for purchase (at the grocery store and other retailers). If your kids have blocks they build up the village with the pigs strategically placed then they throw the stuffed Angry Birds at it. It's totally awesome when the blocks come crashing down over and over and over again on the wood floor (**sarcasm**). But shoot, they're happy, so it's all good.

That's what's going on in My Neck of the Woods!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It's hot. We know, we know. It's HOT! So please quit posting your dashboard temp gauges on Facebook, etc. We're all hot and we all know it's hot. Ok?

Sorry to get testy...I think the heat is getting to me (ho ho ha ha hee hee). Not really...I like HOT weather--I'm cool with it!

Ok, seriously, it's not going to be hot forever, so let's all simmer down a bit and put it into perspective.

You could be doing this....

Or this...

See this...this is the temperature forecast for Baghdad, Iraq.
It's really hot there, too.

As you know, I don't get political on the ol blog (in the words of Bush the 1st "not gunna do it"), but I think we need to put our little heat wave in perspective. You're probably wearing shorts, tank tops, swimsuits, flip flops, etc. Not full combat gear. Just keep that in mind the next time you say, "ugh, I'm soooo hot." We don't have it that bad.

Hopping off my soapbox now. Hope you have a great Wednesday!!!