Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Olympics Really Aren't Over

The Olympics may be over (sniff, sniff...WAHHHH). But fear not my faithful blog readers (all 3 of you)...the Olympic games are an hourly, daily, weekly ongoing event at my home. Here are some samples of the events that we excel in...


Sycronized Swimming


Rhythmic Gymnastics



100 Meter Dash

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Boy and His Dog

At our house...we believe in dogs.

I believe that boys should grow up with a dog. A dog to teach them loyalty, respect, how to fetch a stick for hours. A dog who will sleep in bed with him. A dog who will be run around with excitement when his footsteps are heard coming through the door after a day at school. And a dog who will sit and watch out the window for hours for him to return home from college.

Here's my boy with his dog. The great thing about getting a dog as a puppy is that you can (somewhat) form this love story between a boy and his dog.
My boy and his dog.

He likes to use a bungee cord for a leash.

He patiently waits for her to finish eating her clump of ice.

And then they are off on their bungee cord walk.

Every once in awhile you have to stop and give your dog a hug.
Hark! Over yonder! A squirrel!

There's nothing sweeter than a boy and his dog.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Big Kindergartner

We're on day #3 of Kindergarten. Why didn't I do a post on her first day? Because I couldn't see through the tears in my eyes. But I'm coming around. But I do admit that it's taking me longer to adjust than for Katie to adjust. She was so excited to go to school, but when we got there she got nervous and she cried when we left. Which broke my heart. I held it together until Weather Man and I got in the car, then I lost it.

Katie has the sweetest teacher in the world and she called me at lunchtime to tell me that Katie is doing fine and has made some new friends. She said she didn't want me to worry and knew that it weighs heavy on your heart. Isn't that just the sweetest thing for to call and tell me that. I love her! Katie came home with glowing reports of her day at Kindergarten and has returned each day with a smile. So I think we're off to a decent start. I just pray that it will continue and she'll have a great year. But I'm still going through my day with a knot in my stomach. What is it about Kindergarten that makes a laid back person like me a worrier?

Let's go, I'm ready!

Going into my new class with daddy...

My sweet, sweet teacher putting on my nametag...

Yay! I made it through my first day of Kindergarten!

Me and my new friend...

No pictures of mommy were allowed! :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Today is my baby's 1st birthday! I'm sitting here right now coming off my birthday party/cake sugar high and starting to soak in the activities of the day. Actually we kept it fairly low key, just an afternoon party with grandma and Aunt "Mamie" (Amy) and our cousins Caitlin and Will. It was great and Baby Lam had a wonderful day full of giggles!

But mostly I can't believe it's been a year. I can't believe 1 year ago I was looking into her icy blue eyes for the first time...whispering "I love you" and hearing her precious voice for the very first time. All this seems like it was just yesterday, yet here we are a year later. I remember thinking "just get through this first year and things will get easier", but now I'm begging for time to slow down. So I could get all teary eyed (again, for the umpteenth time this week) and talk about how I don't want my baby to grow up. But today is a celebration for my 1 year old!

Yay! I love presents--I got lots of great toys and really cute outfits!

Mmmmm...look at that cake my mommy made for me! It looks like a flower!

Yuuuuuummmmmmy! It's delicious, too! May I have some more, please?

I love you, my sweet Baby Girl!!! HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Movie and Book Review

As promised before, I won't do a lot of book reviews because I think there's a lot of people out there who don't like them or find them boring. My book reviews will be pretty high level, basically just "read it" or "don't." Since I love to read, I won't do a review on every book I read. But here's a quickie on the book I finished last week (and haven't removed from my "What I'm Reading" portion of my blog).

Firefly Lane, by Kristin Hannah.

This is definitley not an earth shattering, philosophical book that is going to change people's lives. It's just a nice story about friendship. It's a little unbelievable at times and every once in awhile you'll get a little tired of one of the characters whiny attitude, but overall I would recommend it. You'll read it quickly. But here's the thing about this book. It made me cry. I mean CRY, CRY, CRY. It normally takes a heck of a book to make me cry and I certainly wouldn't call this a "heck of a book." But the end of it really got to me. One of my fears as a mother happens in this book and I just cried and cried. So, if you like a story about girlfriends, read it.

Now for a movie review...

Like I've said before, I think I'm a pretty good mom. However, until today, I've never taken my 5-year-old to a movie in a theater. I know, I know, you all are saying "What?!?!?" But you know mother's instincts. I knew that my girl would be scared by the dark and loudness of the movie (this is the same child that freaked out for over a year when we went to church because the organ was too loud--it was a long year). So I knew that it would be a waste of my time and money to take her to the movies. But today Weather Man took the afternoon off and we decided that she's ready and so we took her. Hint: the afternoon of the first day/week of school is a great time to take a 1st timer to the movie because there is NO ONE there.

We went and saw Wall-E. I'd heard nothing but poor reviews of the movie, so I was a little hesitant but we'd missed Kung Fu Panda's starting time, so this was our next choice. What did I think? Oh--I don't really know. On a child's level, it was not good--no child would ever understand that movie. I think everyone will agree on that. But I also don't think most kids realize they aren't getting it. It obviously has environmental/social/political undertones that I (as an ultra conservative) found irritating. But I had read reviews of the movie and knew to expect that. So I just kind of ignored that and enjoyed the little love/friendship story between the two little robots. Katie enjoyed her first movie going experience though. The preview for Madagascar 2 has her super psyched!

Here she is at her first movie. She doesn't look too thrilled about it, but she did fine.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This is Going to be Quick

This is going to be quick...I've got Olympics to be watching, kids to be bathing, books to be reading, and cookies to be eating (ok, not really, I think I finished them off yesterday). But my friend hinted the other day that I needed to update my blog. So here's a quickie...and a mid-week "Week in Review."

You know, I think I'm a good person, but sometimes karma comes back to bite you in the rear (ok, I don't really believe in "karma" so to speak--mostly I think it's God keeping us in check), but anyway, after my blog about how I love the Olympics and was planning on spending 2 weeks in front of the TV, guess what happened--yep--we lost our satellite signal early Saturday morning. We FINALLY got our new roof and the roofers had to take the satellite dish down and of course the next available tech to come out wasn't available until March 25, 2017. So I told Weather Man, "you're just going to have to figure this out and get the TV working!!! The Olympics are on!!!!" He got on the roof and fiddled with the satellite, but to no avail. So I had to spend the first weekend of the Olympics 5" from my rigged up, bunny-eared TV. It stunk--but at least I didn't miss a moment of the action (well, I did--but not a moment of the network broadcasts). The satellite guy did show up first thing Monday morning. I think Weather Man told them they had to get out here fast before his wife's head explodes.

As for the rest of the week...Monday--Katie and I went to a Back to School swim party to meet the kids who will be in her Kindergarten class. I have pics but haven't downloaded them...I will and post them. But she did pretty good. Was shy at first but ended up making friends with two little girls who I thought were sweet and had nice moms. Also on Monday...Patrick got a tummy bug and threw up all over the dinner table--uck--sorry, again, too much information.

Tuesday--at home with a recovering sick boy.

Today--went to meet the teacher at Katie's school, choked back tears the whole time, but inside was comforted by the surroundings and all the people I met. Plus, I helped the teacher do some stuff to get the class ready. My little job was punching out crosses and little pictures of Jesus and the class prayer. I thought that was a good sign--again, one of those God whispers. I think He was saying, "I'll be near Katie, she'll be safe and happy, I will watch over her. And calm your fears." As we all know, God works in mysterious ways.

I'm not working this week, I'm just spending the week with my Katie before she goes to school on Monday. It's good to have quality one-on-one time with my big girl. Around our house it's hard to get one-on-one time with anyone. So it's been a good week.

I did go see my homies at the office though. I love those girls! (and Brad & Joey). I'm planning on doing a blog on my work soon. It's really a unique place!

Ok--I gotta go...Olympics, man, Olympics.

Oh--also, Sally the Wonder Dog brought home a new friend when she and WM went for a walk this evening. A pug. No, we are NOT taking this dog in...he found is way back home. Sally must be a hottie in the doggie world! :)

Friday, August 8, 2008


You are really going to have to bear with me for the next two weeks--I LOVE THE OLYMPICS and there will be a lot of "did you see_______last night?!?" I mean I have a freaky obession for it. When I got up this morning I kind of had that same feeling you get on your birthday. I had a little extra spring in my step, I was more patient with my children, I was anticipating what was to come later in the day. The Opening Ceremonies...let the games begin!

My sister and I went to the Olympics in 1996 (Atlanta). We represented the USA in pairs syncronized swimming.

Just kidding!

But we did go to Atlanta Olympics in 1996 because my sister has the same weird obession with the Olympics as I do. We had the best time. Ooooo...maybe I'll post some of my photos from our trip...way back then. But the reason I mention it is because if you ever have the opportunity to attend the it. It's amazing. Even if you aren't an Olympics fan.

So when Weather Man agreed to take Katie and Patrick to the Drillers game tonight, I hurriedly got them ready and quickly escorted them out the door. I told them they had to sit by daddy and not run around or whine. In otherwords..."be good kids so daddy won't get exasperated and come home early." I got me some Opening Ceremonies to watch! And sans children would be optimal. I wouldn't let Baby Lam take a nap today either...I wanted her to go to bed early--I even took them swimming this afternoon to wear them out. (Ok, this is starting to make me look like a bad mom).

Anyway, when the Olympic song started a couple minutes ago I just about popped! I'll probably cry more in the next two weeks since I have in a long time (I do admit that some of the crying will have to do with my big girl starting Kindergarten and I did my fair share of crying yesterday--her last day at her preschool/daycare).
I know you all are thinking I'm the world's biggest dork.
I probably am, but throughout the next two weeks I'll be giving you my thoughts on the Olympics and how everything is playing out and other Olympic related activities in my home. There are many days that I think that my children will be future Olympians--stay tuned for photographic proof.

Here are a few of my opening thoughts on some of the Olympic sports. I will feature a few each day....

Beach Volleyball--I don't really think this should be an Olympic sport. It's a bunch of babes in bikinis jumping around in the sand. I think maybe it's a ratings booster--but that's just me. I'm sure if you're a legit sand volleyball player you will dispute my thought (and probably kick my rear--those chicks are pretty mean looking).

Shooting--I don't really know anything about this sport, but I did read one time that these guys/girls are so precise and in tune with their bodies that they fire their shots between heartbeats because their bodies are perfectly still at that point. That's pretty cool.

Ok, that's all, I've got to quit typing and watch this!

Post thought: Remember when I was going to do the "Quote of the Day", I know I haven't been very good about keeping up with that. But here's one for today. It's not a's a bumper sticker I was on the truck in front of me at Starbucks today .

This was typed over a pink ribbon--it was a breast cancer awareness bumper sticker...
"Save the Ta-Tas"
Hee hee--I love it!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Random Rambling

It's been several days since I posted anything...I'm sure you have just been chomping at the bit to get the latest installment of Out on a Lam. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, I know that you haven't been anxiously waiting by your computer.

So today is going to be random Tuesday...just random thoughts on random things. I'm having a hard time collecting my thoughts into any type of organization. Maybe because it's so darn hot out and I think that maybe brain is possibly half fried egg by now. Or it could be because I'm kind of in a melancholy mood because I've started preparing myself for my big girl's debut in Kindergarten--she may be excited and ready to go...but I am NOT! I'm going to save that blog for another day--I don't really feel like crying right now.

Speaking of hot...for some crazy reason I decided to load all three of the Little Lams in the car and go do errands yesterday. What? Why would you do that? I don't know...I really, honestly, don't know. It was painful, though. Getting all three of them in and out of the car in 105 degree temps was just plain miserable. And by the end of our outing, I was so sweaty and gross and generally ticked off that I stopped at Starbucks and got coffee. No, not an iced/blended/frozen coffee...I got a 100% brewed hot coffee. Even the Starbucks dude looked at me weird (he may have been looking at me weird because my face was as red as a tomato and I had just told my kids they couldn't get anything because Starbucks had run out of milk). I wasn't going for a caffeine rush, either...I don't drink caffeine. I just needed my Grande Decaf Mocha. It's comfort food. It just made me feel better about the day, it made me feel like I could conquer anything...even in the hot Oklahoma sun...with three sweaty kids...that were screaming "I'm thristy!" Here are a few of the temp things we saw around town on our outing...

This was the temperature reading on the thing that is in my car--this was before we even got started on our errands. Geesh--I should've known better...

I'm pretty sure that it never got to 107 degrees--but if it's hot enough for it to register that type of know it's hot! (and that you shouldn't be running errands in the middle of the day with three small children).

I know it didn't get to 111 degrees. I think this thermometer was reading my internal temperature.

I've been trying to be good about not doing all my blogs on Sally the Wonder Dog. But I gotta show you this cute pic.

Baby Lam is really starting to like Sally. I'm not a bad mom and lock Sally up in her crate all day...we're crate training her. How else will she learn only to go potty outside? Even though she is doing awesome and has only had once accident inside (betcha she pees on the carpet tonight). Baby Lam loves to poke at her.

Another random friend Kathleen is back from maternity leave! Yay! I love Kathleen and her precious baby...Baby Jacque. But when I gave her a hug this morning I was choking back tears. For two reasons: 1). Because I remember that painful first day back at work when you miss your baby so much that you don't think you'll make it through the day without smelling her sweet head and stroking her soft cheek. And 2). I also wanted to cry because I hugged her kinda tight and forgot how a lactating mom's boobies hurt when they are to the point of bursting, yet their baby isn't with them help out. Oops, sorry Kathleen, didn't mean to squeeze so hard. Go pump, sister! Sorry, that was probably Too Much Information.

So anyway...sorry for the random post. Tomorrow I should (hopefully) have my thoughts a little more together.

Stay cool!