Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Boy and His Dog

At our house...we believe in dogs.

I believe that boys should grow up with a dog. A dog to teach them loyalty, respect, how to fetch a stick for hours. A dog who will sleep in bed with him. A dog who will be run around with excitement when his footsteps are heard coming through the door after a day at school. And a dog who will sit and watch out the window for hours for him to return home from college.

Here's my boy with his dog. The great thing about getting a dog as a puppy is that you can (somewhat) form this love story between a boy and his dog.
My boy and his dog.

He likes to use a bungee cord for a leash.

He patiently waits for her to finish eating her clump of ice.

And then they are off on their bungee cord walk.

Every once in awhile you have to stop and give your dog a hug.
Hark! Over yonder! A squirrel!

There's nothing sweeter than a boy and his dog.


Baloney said...

awwww... so cute!
Sally and Doodle need to play. :)
Doodle is headed to dog school next month - is Sally old enough to join us?

Alyssa: said...

I would love Sally to join Doodle at dog school!! Email me and let me know the details!