Thursday, June 26, 2008

Road Rage--I'm the Cause of It

I'm quite sure that I often create road rage in other drivers. I think I'm a good driver, but I have to admit that sometimes I can't see everything that is going on while I'm driving. This is for a number of reasons...
1). I have a monsterously huge SUV
2). I'm often opening a juice box, package of crackers, new Hot Wheels, etc. while driving
3). While driving I'm using my refereeing skills to settle an arguement whether Lightning McQueen is bigger than Barbie Mariposa
4). I'm trying not to spill my Starbucks on anything (remember the whole "it corroded away the insides of your laptop" issue?)

So that being said, I'm sure that I've caused many a frustrated driver. However, today takes the cake. Katie was in RARE FORM this morning. She's never been much of a morning person and it's always a challenge to get her to do anything, but this week is particularly hectic in her little 4-year-old world. She's going to VBS and 3 days this week she's going to her St. John school. So she's kind of everywhere and I have to admit that she's getting a little worn out. But she's also got a mouth on her--she's a sassy little sucker--and she knows it. So this morning on the way to take Patrick and Baby Lam to St. John, Katie sat in the back screaming (and I mean SCREAMING) "PUT ON A CD MOMMY! TURN IT ON NOW--A CD! I WANT A CD TO PLAY" This went on for a good 2 minutes, I thought she'd eventually shush--realizing that I was ignoring her, but no, why would that happen. I should have also mentioned that she's also super persistent--mix that with sassy and you've got a recipe for disaster!

So, back to the road in the midst of all the screaming I slammed on breaks in the middle of the road. During 8:00 a.m. traiffic in the heart of Brookside, right in the middle of Peoria, not at a light, not at a stop sign--but right in the middle of the street I brought my monster of a car to a complete stop--in about 1.2 seconds (the kind of stop where everything that was in your seat is now on the floor). I turned to her and said in my most calm but very firm, 'mommy's ticked off' voice..."you will never talk to me like that again...ever. I don't want you to talk one word until we get to church." Then I calmly turned around and off we went, continuing on our journey.

Looking back...I'm lucky no one rear ended me...I'm impressed with my breaking skills and my car. I didn't think a car of that size could get stopped so quickly.

So, if you were one of those cars driving down Peoria about 8:00 a.m. this morning and a big, black SUV came to a dead stop in front of you, I'm so sorry-I know I caused you rage.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty

Katie wants a kitty.

Weather Man does not.

Patrick wants a kitty.

Weather Man still does not.

I secretly want a kitty (I guess it's not a secret anymore).

Weather Man secretly wants a puppy.

I'm potty training an almost 3 year old, I don't need to potty train a puppy, too. Kitties come potty trained.

Both Katie and Patrick's birthdays are in 2 weeks. Wouldn't a kitty be a great gift for both? They would be super excited and might even forgive Weather Man and I for not letting them have a big birthday blow out (that is actually still on the table for discussion).

How about this little guy? He's too cute and available for adoption at the animal shelter. Do you think maybe this will melt Weather Man's heart? He'd definitely be the dad-of-the-year in Katie's book if he'd allow him to come live at our house.

"Please, Mr. Weather Man, won't you let me come live with you?"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Bunch of Nothing...and Other Random Thoughts

I have to admit that I'm NOT an organzied any area of my life. That doesn't mean that I live my life in a constant state of choas (even though it sometimes feels like it), it just means that I'm living in the moment! I have very random thoughts and taste in things. I think my iPod is a prime example, right now The Police are playing, but I'm pretty sure that the Spice Girls are next and after that is the Royal Philharmonic and then the Bee Gees. So you get my point--random. I've been rather proud of myself for most of my blogs have generally stayed on one course of thought. But today that ends...and you can see how my mind really works. Stay with me on this one, we will jump from topic to topic...

Last night when I was putting Baby Lam to sleep Weather Man was ironing his outfit for the kick off of the big Ridge Run golf tournament that he's playing in. Never did I think it would be so hard to match a pair of shorts and a golf shirt. But seriously, I think he must've come in and said "does this go together" at least 20 times. I'm not kidding...AT LEAST 20 times. Finally I said "just wear khaki shorts and your white shirt." That's not what he's wearing today. I never knew my husband was so fashionably challenged. I secretly think I knew, but wasn't quite ready to admit it. Last night was like an addict sitting in a jail cell after getting busted, sitting there thinking "I think we have a problem."

Hmmm...what's going on here? She's a fox, huh? All you other babies at the pool better just get your floaties and move on out--hottie is in town! Our neighbor got this baby bikini for Baby Lam. Put it on her and took a photo as proof that she actually had it on, then took it off. I look at this photo and just want to say "you go girl, be proud of those thighs!" Do I detect somewhat of a baby six pack in that photo? I'm not sure how that is happening since she's got a Buddah belly like no ones business. Goodness I love that baby!

Can I tell you how much I love the store Trippets! (for those of you not in Tulsa, it's a shoe store--mainly children's shoes but also they carry dance attire). I love to stand in the dance section where all the tiny (and not so tiny) leotards and ballet skirts are. I stand there daydreaming of Katie's journey through ballet and how I will present her with a dozen beautiful pink roses after her premier performance with the New York City ballet. And how it will all have started right here Trippets. "Can I help you? Is there something you're looking for?" Oh--I'm snapped out of my dream--"yes, I need a pink ballet skirt in size 4/5, because my daughter was promoted and wears a pink leotard now." The sweet lady just smiles, knowing that Katie probably won't ever be in the New York City ballet, but gives me a confident "you've come to the right place" like buying this tiny pink crepe skirt at Trippets is as good as buying a ticket to New York. I also love that place because they remember me and my kids and their names! (Something I can't do most days). And one more reason I love that store--the smell--I love the smell of new shoes (let me reemphasize...NEW shoes, not shoes in general).

Here we are at the beginning of our journey to the New York City ballet....

Our first ballet recital

And a photo I took of Katie dancing at home...she's always twirling or dancing, and usually she has to be in full costume.

And here's a little something to keep you intrigued...I'll blog on this maybe tomorrow. It's our new philosophy on potty training....

Can I get in trouble for putting something like that on the internet? Dang it's cute, though!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Shout Out to Dads

This is a WAAAAAY late Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there and particularly to my dad and my wonderful step-dad. I'm a lucky girl.
But what makes me even luckier is that I married a man who became the world's best father--ever! No, he doesn't buy his girls diamond earrings or his son the hottest new sports car, he does better than that. He loves them unconditionally and would go to the ends of the earth for them. Weather Man is the best dad the Three Little Lams could ever ask for and he loves them so much. He gently bathes them every night, he's read more books than are in the Library of Congress, he's run to the moon and back giving them stroller rides, he's danced his way around world as Katie's "Prince Charming." He's spent endless hours patiently coloring princess pictures. He's taught Patrick how to hit a pretty mean 9-iron. He tickles Josie's tummy until she giggles so hard her eyes water. He's decorted Christmas cookies and Easter Eggs, pulled splinters out of toes and swatted more flies than you'd find on a cow patty. He's spent endless hours swinging little ones who joyfully are squealing "higher, daddy, HIGHER!" He's made more pancakes than all the Lions Clubs in Oklahoma and has extended his mowing time from 15 minutes to nearly an hour just so he can mow slow enough for Patrick to keep up. But you know what's better than all of those things? That he loves me and he let's his children know it. By his actions he's teaching his daughters how their husbands should treat them, and he's teaching his son how to treat his wife. By example he's teaching his children how to be honorable, hardworking, compassionate and loving people. And that's what makes him the best dad ever! Happy Belated Father's Day, Weather Man--we love you!

Daddy has taught us to be proud to wear red & blue in a world that it obessessed with crimson and cream or orange and black!

My daddy loves me even when I wear crazy hats!

Sometimes the best nap is taken right next to your dad!

Daddy has never missed any doctor's appointments--see how happy Baby Lam is to be at the doc? It's because her daddy is holding her!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vampires in our Midst

I'm going to keep this short since it's almost (actually past) bedtime at our house. Let's all thank the Weather Man for bringing home his laptop so I can blog tonight and this weekend! of the great things about living in the Brookside area is that you get to live in harmony with homeless or at least what we could call professional beggars. You can't go to the store or fill up your car without someone at least giving you that "please, ma'am, you gotta quarter?" look if not straight up asking. While it does get annoying at times, it's often made for a nice education for my children. Explaining homelessness to a 4 year old can be a challenge, but at the same time, children aren't desensitized by it and almost tearfully ask "what can we do to help him/her?" Along with a whole string of "why's". We attend Trinity Episcopal downtown and as most know, we have Iron Gate, a program/kitchen to feed the homeless. So we have the homeless talk almost every Sunday. I've decided that maybe in the fall when Katie starts Kindergarten that we'll volunteer one day to make the sandwiches that Iron Gate gives to the guests. I think it will make her feel like she is helping them. Oh--actually I think it will serve many purposes for her. If anyone wants to join us with thier kiddos, let me know!

So...back to today. A homeless, (supposedly deaf) man came up to us and asked if we could help. This man was missing his four front teeth on top and bottom. After he walked off, Katie looked at me and said, "Is he a vampire?" (because of the missing teeth, it looked like he had fangs). I love the way children's minds work! So when Weather Man got home from work he got to hear all about how we saw a REAL vampire today.

Hope we don't have any vampires tonight!

(Sorry--not as short as I thought I'd keep it).

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Three Strikes

I'm definitely not going to win the Mother of the Year award this year. Besides the fact that I let my baby take a nap wedged between a table and kiddie couch or let my 4-year-old use the American flag a dress up accessory, I'm sure that today takes the cake.

Strike One--I got a call from Baby Lam's teacher that she has blisters on her hands and feet and I need to come get her. Now, this happened before I even left the house (Weather Man took the girls to school early today--Patrick and I were hanging out at Starbuck's when we got the call). I have to secretly admit that I put socks and shoes on her hoping they wouldn't see the ones on her feet--I have a lot of catching up to do at the office and really needed to be here. So "Bad Mom" let her child to go school knowing that she shouldn't be going.

Strike Two--we took Baby Lam to the doctor for a follow up 'weight check' (yeah, I know, like she's not fat enough). It's a long story why we had to go for a weight check, but basically it comes down to she needs more ounces of formula/breastmilk per day. She weighed in beautifully--gaining almost 2 lbs in 2 weeks. More than she had gained between her 6 month and 9 month check up. Basically, "Bad Mom" has been starving her baby.

Strike Three--while at the dr. office our pediatrician just gave her a quick check of her ears, etc and discovered she has a pretty good ear infection. Why didn't I notice anything wrong with her? The pediatrician asks "Has she been having trouble sleeping?" Um...yeah, since the day she was born, so why would I think that's something to cause concern? So "Bad Mom" can't tell when her baby is sick.

Three Strikes--I'm out!

Now I get to consume myself with Mommy Guilt and second guess my parenting abilities. Honestly, you'd think that nearly 5 years and 3 children later I would have all this figured out. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Oh yeah--and the doctor did say "she has hand, foot and mouth disease, she can't go to school." Thanks--that helps!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I can see clearly now

My eyes still feel a little gritty--you know--that sandpaper feeling you get in your eyes when you're sleep deprived? But I'm coming around and I think I can see that life is returning to normal. What's going on, you say? I had a heck of a weekend. On Saturday I worked 17 hours because our big fund raiser at work was that evening. What a great party and great success, but it wore me out. I worked from 7:30 a.m. Saturday to 1:00 a.m. Sunday. And of course Friday night, Baby Lam decided that she was going to pull one of her all nighters, so I didn't really get to start my marathon day feeling very rested. But oh well, it's for a good cause, right? It's sad that I'm just now getting around to doing a week in review, but, remember the whole laptop issue I was having last week? Still an issue, so not much blogging going on until now. Other highlights of last week were...

1. Weather Man fixed the dryer! Yay--now I get to do TWO weeks worth of laundry! I'm super excited! (Actually I have this weird obsession with laundry, I'll blog on that later).

2. I worked.

3. Gas went up again--I think I'm up to $120 to fill my big ol 'mama car' up.

4. I worked.

5. Patrick declared that he was "just going to wear Pull Ups instead of going potty. Don't ask me again, mommy". I think it's a real possibility that he may be wearing Pull Ups on his wedding day.

6. I worked.

7. My dear friend, Kathleen, had her precious baby girl. LOVE her...she's so cute and I want to run over to their house right now and love on her. But if you ask me if it makes me want to have another one, I'll give you a big, fat NO!

8. Oh, yeah did I mention that I worked! (Since when is working part time putting in 50+ hours in a week)?

I wish I had a fabulous photo to share from this week, but I don't...except this one. I don't even know what to say or how to explain it. I'm at a loss for words over what's going on here. I love my high spirited, creative, talented, artistic daughter...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Mystery of the Empty Baby Bed

I'm a little grumpy today. For a couple reasons...Weather Man Dave (that's my name for him since he's a weather addict--we'll blog on that another time...probably tomorrow if we get storms tonight). Anyway--Weather Man emailed me to tell me that my laptop is not recoverable--apparently all the wiring inside is corroded away. Um, I think that's my fault since I spilled coffee on it, like, 9 months ago. OK--I didn't spill the coffee, one of the Three Little Lams did, but I guess I shouldn't have left it close enough that that could've even happened. So I'm totally bummed about that because I'm pretty sure that a new laptop is not on the top of Weather Man's list of things to buy for his wife. And because my birthday and Mother's Day were last month so I don't even have a holiday coming up that I can ask for a new laptop. So it looks like I'm stuck until Christmas. Maybe by then Weather Man will forgive my coffee transgressions and get me a laptop! By the way...I'm a little freaked out that if coffee can corrode away the insides of a computer, what the heck is it doing to MY insides.

So, anyway, the other reason I'm grumpy is because I've been up since 5:15 a.m. Well, actually since 2:15, but I did get to go back to bed from 2:30-5:15 a.m. I love my Baby Lam with all my heart, but God Bless her, that baby doesn't know how to sleep in her dang crib. Shoot, she slept in bed with Weather Man and I until she was 6 months old. So we've been having better nights lately and just when I think she's got it down--BAM! We have another night like last night.

We can sleep in our high chair...

We can sleep in our swing...

Mommy's bed is a great place to sleep!

I can sleep on the slide...

Shoot, I can even sleep stuck between the table and the kiddie couch.

But the one place I cannot sleep...'s empty!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Keepin' it Short

I'm keepin' it short today. I was going to do my blog on my friend Kathleen who never thought her pregnancy was going to end (she saw her due date come and go), but when I got here to take a pic of her I got the news that she is in labor! Yay--I'll do a blog on her tomorrow or the next day.

Plus I hate to mix wonderful news like new babies with the heartbreaking news of a child diagnosed with leukemia. When my friend Susie called to tell me that another one of our friends' little boy was diagnosed I felt the breath go out of me. Literally like someone had hit me in the stomach and knocked the breath out me. This little guy is one of Katie's classmates so the mother in me immediately started to worry about how am I going to have to talk to Katie about this when she asks. And with Katie, it's just a matter of time...she'll ask. I'm already trying to find the words to help a 4 year old understand what's going on without scaring her into thinking it could happen to her. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it (which will probably be tonight when I tell her to say an extra little prayer for Micah).

So those of you 'blogging' today and reading this, please, please say a prayer for God's perfect healing of little Micah, for strength and peace for his mom (who has already suffered the loss of a child), for God to guide the hands of the doctor's who are involved in Micah's care.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mork & Katie

Where have you been? Where are you? That's what my email inbox was full of when I logged on this morning from work. Where have I been? I've been off-line--NOT by choice. My home has become a black hole for any and all things electric. This past weekend my laptop "bustered" (that's what Patrick called it), our dryer quit working, the TV flashed off and on and to top it all off, a big 'ol tree fell down in our backyard. Quite a weekend! Since I can't function without my laptop, I tried using our old PC--uck--it locked up everytime I tried to post. So here it is, Tuesday, and I'm just now getting around to it--so sorry.

Most of you know that my Katie is a dress up queen. She doesn't care what the outfit is, but if it is sparkley or princessey in anyway, she's in it. About 6 months ago my mom found an old Halloween costume of MINE and sent it to us. Katie loves it--it has gold on it and it's a dress, why wouldn't she love it? The first time Katie put it on David said "what is that?!?!" I didn't realize it as a child, but the outfit is strangley similar to Mork's outfit. I loved 'Mork 'n Mindy' when I was a kid--why didn't I see the resemblence then?

See...strangly similar aren't they??

I'll have to teach Katie to say "Na Noo, Na Noo" and do that weird finger thing.

Lots went on this weekend, but we've got time for more blogs during the week that I can fill everyone in with. Including a walk (yes, WALK) to the library in which Katie was sure we were actually walking to Nebraska.

Oh yeah--there were some cool white vinyl boots that went with that outfit that Katie is wearing, but I think I wore them out during my Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders phase! :)