Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Shout Out to Dads

This is a WAAAAAY late Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there and particularly to my dad and my wonderful step-dad. I'm a lucky girl.
But what makes me even luckier is that I married a man who became the world's best father--ever! No, he doesn't buy his girls diamond earrings or his son the hottest new sports car, he does better than that. He loves them unconditionally and would go to the ends of the earth for them. Weather Man is the best dad the Three Little Lams could ever ask for and he loves them so much. He gently bathes them every night, he's read more books than are in the Library of Congress, he's run to the moon and back giving them stroller rides, he's danced his way around world as Katie's "Prince Charming." He's spent endless hours patiently coloring princess pictures. He's taught Patrick how to hit a pretty mean 9-iron. He tickles Josie's tummy until she giggles so hard her eyes water. He's decorted Christmas cookies and Easter Eggs, pulled splinters out of toes and swatted more flies than you'd find on a cow patty. He's spent endless hours swinging little ones who joyfully are squealing "higher, daddy, HIGHER!" He's made more pancakes than all the Lions Clubs in Oklahoma and has extended his mowing time from 15 minutes to nearly an hour just so he can mow slow enough for Patrick to keep up. But you know what's better than all of those things? That he loves me and he let's his children know it. By his actions he's teaching his daughters how their husbands should treat them, and he's teaching his son how to treat his wife. By example he's teaching his children how to be honorable, hardworking, compassionate and loving people. And that's what makes him the best dad ever! Happy Belated Father's Day, Weather Man--we love you!

Daddy has taught us to be proud to wear red & blue in a world that it obessessed with crimson and cream or orange and black!

My daddy loves me even when I wear crazy hats!

Sometimes the best nap is taken right next to your dad!

Daddy has never missed any doctor's appointments--see how happy Baby Lam is to be at the doc? It's because her daddy is holding her!

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