Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Mystery of the Empty Baby Bed

I'm a little grumpy today. For a couple reasons...Weather Man Dave (that's my name for him since he's a weather addict--we'll blog on that another time...probably tomorrow if we get storms tonight). Anyway--Weather Man emailed me to tell me that my laptop is not recoverable--apparently all the wiring inside is corroded away. Um, I think that's my fault since I spilled coffee on it, like, 9 months ago. OK--I didn't spill the coffee, one of the Three Little Lams did, but I guess I shouldn't have left it close enough that that could've even happened. So I'm totally bummed about that because I'm pretty sure that a new laptop is not on the top of Weather Man's list of things to buy for his wife. And because my birthday and Mother's Day were last month so I don't even have a holiday coming up that I can ask for a new laptop. So it looks like I'm stuck until Christmas. Maybe by then Weather Man will forgive my coffee transgressions and get me a laptop! By the way...I'm a little freaked out that if coffee can corrode away the insides of a computer, what the heck is it doing to MY insides.

So, anyway, the other reason I'm grumpy is because I've been up since 5:15 a.m. Well, actually since 2:15, but I did get to go back to bed from 2:30-5:15 a.m. I love my Baby Lam with all my heart, but God Bless her, that baby doesn't know how to sleep in her dang crib. Shoot, she slept in bed with Weather Man and I until she was 6 months old. So we've been having better nights lately and just when I think she's got it down--BAM! We have another night like last night.

We can sleep in our high chair...

We can sleep in our swing...

Mommy's bed is a great place to sleep!

I can sleep on the slide...

Shoot, I can even sleep stuck between the table and the kiddie couch.

But the one place I cannot sleep...'s empty!


Susie said...

I feel your pain of no sleep! Baby Anna slept with me last night due to the fact I had an unrational, motherly fear that she would not be able to breathe because her throat looked swollen :). I do like to love on her & snuggle, but I also need my beauty rest.

Baloney said...

Susie does need her beauty rest. Ha.
I can't believe your baby will sleep in all those places. BOTH of my boys would only sleep in their bed. Not even the car worked.
Guess you can't have it all.
I have a bday/mother's day combo too. Did you get the combo gift like me or does your husband get a gift for each?! Are we bday buddies? I'm the 13th.