Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mork & Katie

Where have you been? Where are you? That's what my email inbox was full of when I logged on this morning from work. Where have I been? I've been off-line--NOT by choice. My home has become a black hole for any and all things electric. This past weekend my laptop "bustered" (that's what Patrick called it), our dryer quit working, the TV flashed off and on and to top it all off, a big 'ol tree fell down in our backyard. Quite a weekend! Since I can't function without my laptop, I tried using our old PC--uck--it locked up everytime I tried to post. So here it is, Tuesday, and I'm just now getting around to it--so sorry.

Most of you know that my Katie is a dress up queen. She doesn't care what the outfit is, but if it is sparkley or princessey in anyway, she's in it. About 6 months ago my mom found an old Halloween costume of MINE and sent it to us. Katie loves it--it has gold on it and it's a dress, why wouldn't she love it? The first time Katie put it on David said "what is that?!?!" I didn't realize it as a child, but the outfit is strangley similar to Mork's outfit. I loved 'Mork 'n Mindy' when I was a kid--why didn't I see the resemblence then?

See...strangly similar aren't they??

I'll have to teach Katie to say "Na Noo, Na Noo" and do that weird finger thing.

Lots went on this weekend, but we've got time for more blogs during the week that I can fill everyone in with. Including a walk (yes, WALK) to the library in which Katie was sure we were actually walking to Nebraska.

Oh yeah--there were some cool white vinyl boots that went with that outfit that Katie is wearing, but I think I wore them out during my Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders phase! :)

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Susie said...

It IS about time!!! Maybe you need to get out of that electricity-challenged part of town...come join us in the burbs!!! :) Na noo, na noo!