Thursday, June 26, 2008

Road Rage--I'm the Cause of It

I'm quite sure that I often create road rage in other drivers. I think I'm a good driver, but I have to admit that sometimes I can't see everything that is going on while I'm driving. This is for a number of reasons...
1). I have a monsterously huge SUV
2). I'm often opening a juice box, package of crackers, new Hot Wheels, etc. while driving
3). While driving I'm using my refereeing skills to settle an arguement whether Lightning McQueen is bigger than Barbie Mariposa
4). I'm trying not to spill my Starbucks on anything (remember the whole "it corroded away the insides of your laptop" issue?)

So that being said, I'm sure that I've caused many a frustrated driver. However, today takes the cake. Katie was in RARE FORM this morning. She's never been much of a morning person and it's always a challenge to get her to do anything, but this week is particularly hectic in her little 4-year-old world. She's going to VBS and 3 days this week she's going to her St. John school. So she's kind of everywhere and I have to admit that she's getting a little worn out. But she's also got a mouth on her--she's a sassy little sucker--and she knows it. So this morning on the way to take Patrick and Baby Lam to St. John, Katie sat in the back screaming (and I mean SCREAMING) "PUT ON A CD MOMMY! TURN IT ON NOW--A CD! I WANT A CD TO PLAY" This went on for a good 2 minutes, I thought she'd eventually shush--realizing that I was ignoring her, but no, why would that happen. I should have also mentioned that she's also super persistent--mix that with sassy and you've got a recipe for disaster!

So, back to the road in the midst of all the screaming I slammed on breaks in the middle of the road. During 8:00 a.m. traiffic in the heart of Brookside, right in the middle of Peoria, not at a light, not at a stop sign--but right in the middle of the street I brought my monster of a car to a complete stop--in about 1.2 seconds (the kind of stop where everything that was in your seat is now on the floor). I turned to her and said in my most calm but very firm, 'mommy's ticked off' voice..."you will never talk to me like that again...ever. I don't want you to talk one word until we get to church." Then I calmly turned around and off we went, continuing on our journey.

Looking back...I'm lucky no one rear ended me...I'm impressed with my breaking skills and my car. I didn't think a car of that size could get stopped so quickly.

So, if you were one of those cars driving down Peoria about 8:00 a.m. this morning and a big, black SUV came to a dead stop in front of you, I'm so sorry-I know I caused you rage.

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