Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Trip to KC; Part 1

We went to Kansas City this weekend to visit Weather Man's family. We had a great time and there will be more blogging on some of our activities later. I was super excited to go and was actually packed and ready to go when Weather Man got home. So we all excitedly hopped in the car--"yay! We're going to grandma's! Going to Kansas!!" Popped in a movie and off we went. I should've known that even though we were driving north, things would go south very quickly (the DVD player broke 10 minutes into the trip, "are we there yet" started at Owasso, etc.).

"This is the longest car ride I've ever been on" (we were probably about to Owasso at this point, 30 minutes down--3 hours to go)

"Get me out of this car before I barf!"

"Seriously, could I be more bored?" (no, she's not asleep--she's being dramatic)

"Don't ever make me ride in a car this long again!"

"Get me out of this car!"

I love my children! I love that there's 8' between the front seat and the rear seat! I love that we're taking them on another car trip on Thursday. Please tell me I'm not the only one whose children act this way on car trips!

Oh--disclaimer--I didn't do that to my daughter's face--blame the face paint on VBS.


MommaAmma said...

I am addicted to this blog. Full on addict, seriously. When I feel like I'm going to tear every hair out of my head I read about your day and all is right with the world. I-AM-NOT-ALONE! You are not alone...

Baloney said...

When the movie is off, the fighting amongst my kids begins. We are working on riding in a car without entertainment lately and it is NOT easy! I've been spoiled.
Nice makeup on your daughter. :)

Susie said...

I hereby crown Katie & Patrick King & Queen of the Drama!!!