Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our Trip to Kansas

We had a great trip to Kansas last weekend! The car ride was fairly uneventful--they behaved and didn't scream and yell at each other. Yes, they started asking if we were in Kansas yet when we were only on the road for 30 minutes. But that's to be expected. Katie even got to pee in the grass on the side of the road. She now thinks that's the only way to potty when traveling. What a country girl. :)

We had fun shooting off fireworks with Uncle Michael and Papa Ron and our cousins. Katie was the only girl...well, Baby Lam, but she wasn't actively participating in the fireworks. When we went downtown to see the "big" fireworks, this is how it played out...

Katie: In the backseat of the car with me with her hands over her ears, crying "is that the last one, can we go back to grandma's now?" I can totally sympathize with her. As a child (and still now to some degree) I hated fireworks. So I was certainly not pressuring her to look at them or enjoy them. I just patiently sat there with her, helping her get through the ordeal.

Patrick: In the front seat with daddy saying "oh" He was enjoying the fireworks but didn't want to get out of the car.

Josie: Papa was holding her outside of the car and she was bouncing in his arms and clapping and giggling at each giant explosion. I'm a little concerned about that...Josie is a little firecracker!

Look at Katie's face...she is NOT at all thrilled about doing fireworks (in her jammies). She held on to that sparkler for about 2.3 seconds.

We had a great time running through the smoke of the Smoke Bombs (the only firework that Katie had any interest in).

Now, I'm not sure what the deal here is, but see how all the boys are naked? What is it with boys and their desire to whip off their clothes at any given moment? Notice that my girl is fully clothed. That's right, Katie, you be a lady and keep your clothes on. Leave that crazy stuff to those neanderthal boys! (Those cave-boys are Patrick and my two nephews).

Speaking of being a's Katie modeling mommy's prom dress. Lawsy, us!

Earlier in the day we went fishing...

Check out the size of the fish he's HUGE (but Patrick was super excited!)

But not nearly as excited as Weather Man was about the big catch...

Oh, my...I'm married to that maniac!

Katie and Weather Man mowed the yard...

And they all had a great time running through the sprinkler....

We had such a good time in Kansas, but the sun was setting and the cows were lowing, so it was time to go in and go to bed. We still had two more days of fun left to have.

I'll leave you with this peaceful scene to drift off to sleep by...ahhh, a Kansas summer sunset.

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