Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Top 10 Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head

Every morning I wake up with some random song stuck in my head. Normally it's a children's song that I've heard over and over and over while driving in the car, but occasionally it'll be a TV show theme song or even a (GASP!) grown up song that you'd hear on a regular radio station or iPod. So, with that being said, here are the Top 10 Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head if you hear them. Now...a little disclaimer real quick...I agree that most any song can get stuck in your head, but these are the ones that if you hear them, they are guaranteed to be playing in your mind for a least a couple days.

10. Call Me--by Blondie. I don't know why, but Debbie Harry's voice is like a magnet to my mind. Once you hear this song you will be hearing "CALL ME, call me...call me, call me, call me anytime."

9. It's a Small World After All--I think it must be the catchy little tune or the visuals (if you've ever been to Disney) but this one will at least make you feel good about wanting to pull your hair out because you can't quit singing it.

8. Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis--Leona Lewis is the winner of XFactor (the British version of American Idol). If you've never heard this song get ready, it will leave a footprint on your brain...FOREVER! I was a cool song the first time I heard it, but because it's been going on and on and on in my brain I'm not so crazy about it.

7. That song that goes "Hey, hey, I wanna be a rock star" by ???--I don't know if it's the song that stuck in my head or if it's that it's on the radio EVERY SINGLE TIME I turn it on, but it just won't go away and the dude's voice is like fingernails on the chalkboard. Please--stop singing about it--you ARE a rock star!!!!!

6. Like a Prayer by Madonna--of all the Madonna songs I don't know why this one is the one covered in glue that get stuck in your head. Maybe it's the be-boppy little beat or that you can actually understand and know all the lyrics, but, darn it...it's stuck again!

5. The theme song from The Beverly Hillbillies--"Now listen to this story 'bout a man named Jed, a poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed..." Betcha it's stuck! (You know that you are singing it right now...)

4. That Mathis Brother's Furniture ad song--if you don't live in Tulsa/OKC you don't know what I'm talking about, but it's this really annoying song at the end of one of the local furniture store's TV commercials. Math-is Bro-thers Furn-i-chur. As a person in the advertising field I have to admit, even though it's a very annoying, brain sticking song--it's effective, if you hear the tune, you can immediately identify with the company.

3. Oh Canada--the Canadian national anthem. I don't know if that's even the official name of their national anthem, but besides people from Canada, does anyone in the world no any of the words to that besides "Oh Canada, da da da da da duh." I bet there's Canadians out there that don't even know all of it. But in the spirit of the upcoming Olympics, I thought this is one of the most mind numbing national anthems (even though we probably won't hear it much--Canada isn't much of a force to be recognized in the Summer Olympics).

2. We're Off to See the Wizard--it could be because the kids and I just watched The Wizard of Oz on Sunday night, but darn it if this isn't the song that I've woken up singing every morning. I grew up in Kansas, so I, of course, know every single word to it. But even if you're not from Kansas, this one is a keeper in your brain.

1. American Pie by Don McLean--"Bye Bye Miss American Pie..." No matter how many years pass between the times you hear this song, once you do you'll be singing, whistling, humming it for many, many months. Maybe it's the kitchy lyrics or the toe tapping beat or the great melody, I don't know, but this one will become a fossil mark on your mind and you will be singing it.

Which song are you singing right now? I know that after reading that you are humming one of them...

Yes, you are...

Which one?

Or tell me, what song is stuck in your mind right now?

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Susie said...

You crack me up!! Actually, I could be really cruel & burn the CD for Carter's musical for you. He forces the whole family to listen to it daily (even though the musical is long over now) and the songs are even stuck in Anna's head! The other night she just fired right up with "sissens a bebo" (that's Citizens of Evil for you non-toddlers) right out of nowhere!

But, Oh Canada?? I have to say that one has never crossed my mind...well, maybe it did during the winter Olympics...hmmm.

BTW I love hey, hey I wanna be a rockstar!! Total rip on rock stars (I will agree that I can't stand any other Nickleback song, though - that guy does have an annoying voice!!)

Great blog today! I have such funny friends!