Sunday, July 20, 2008

Laundry, Laundry, Laundry

As a mom to three small children it seems my life revolves around laundry. I love it when I talk to my friends and we're just chit chatting away about what we've been doing and they tell me that they "did the laundry." I always want to ask if they got it all done, as in, every article of clothing in their home is clean. I've come to terms with the fact that that will NEVER happen at our house; my laundry will never be complete. For several reasons:

1. My 5-year-old wears a minimum of 3 outfits a day, usually more...2. My 3-year-old is potty training...3. My 11-month-old has reflux, which involves numerous bibs and changing clothes at least once a day.

So anyway, Friday was laundry doing day at our house. I was minding my business folding clothes while the Three Little Lams were busy coloring, painting, listening to classical music and playing with age appropriate developmental toys.

Ok, I'm all about keepin' it real on this blog, the Three Little Lams were actually watching Noggin.

So anyway, I had two loads of laundry folded when I decided to take a 2 minute break and run to the bathroom. I swear, it was 2 minutes--maybe even quicker than that. And here's what I returned to when I came out.

Baby Lam with her brother's underwear on her head...

Patrick with Katie's shirt on and her panties on his head.

And Katie with Baby Lam's pants on her head and wearing one of her little shirts.

I don't know how she even got it's a size 12-18 month.

(insert a loooooooong sigh here) So, instead of getting mad...what would be the point...I just took pics of them and then RE-folded the laundry.

Then I took all three of them to Target...


Baloney said...

Did you have fun at Target?

Susie said...

they are so cute!! OK, does the dr. say it's OK to stop feeding Josie extra, now?? I LOVE her chubby face! I just want to smooch her little neck! :) OOH! She's so cute!

Alyssa: said...

The Target trip went fairly well, considering I had all three with me. But I'd bribed them, so all was well! :)