Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer Camp: My Suggestions

I don't know if those of you who live in Tulsa have glanced through the July issue of Tulsa Kids, but there is a great, comical article about summer camps and how parents have this urge to fill their children's summers with this camp or that camp. I have to admit, this is not happening in my family. Not because I don't think it's important to go to summer camp, but because I have 3 children ages 4 and under and there are some days where I'm struggling to keep my head above water. camps for us this summer (we are taking summer ballet, but it's not a "camp"). the spirit of summer (and to piggy back some more suggestions to the author of the Tulsa Kids article), here are my suggestions for summer camps for the Lam children:

1. No Screaming in the Car Camp: At this camp your child will learn to get in the car upon first request and get themselves buckled, or sit still enough for the parent to buckle them up without getting few thumps in the head with a 2-year-olds shoes. Your child will also learn to ride along quietly or converse pleasantly with their sibling. We will even teach your children to agree upon a said song on iPod or CD and sing along politely.

2. Eat What You Are Served Camp: This camp is perfect for preschoolers who think any food that is not the color beige is "disgusting." Your child will learn that mommy only fixes one dinner per night and the whole family will eat that dinner. By the time your child has completed this camp your days of "I'm not eating this, fix me macaroni 'n cheese" will be something of the past.

3. Manners and Magic Words Camp: This is a great camp for all ages. Please send your child to this camp. Thank You.

4. Poop In The Potty Camp: Title says it all. (Seriously if anyone can find a real one of these camps, let me know)!

5. Clean Up Your Own Spit-Up Camp: This is a camp specifically designed for the little ones in your life that have relflux. By the end of this camp your baby will know how to put on their own bib, wipe their own chin, and clean up their own spit up off of any surface.


Baloney said...

I'm enrolling Jacob in #2 and #4. Let me know when the session starts. No one needs more help with #4 than him.
I do have a piece of advice... #4 should have been #2. Hahaha. Sorry too many fumes from the #4's in non-potty places going to my brain.

Susie said...

Sign us up for camp one!!! Do you get a discount for multiple camps attended???