Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Backyard Casualities

I feel like a new mother with a newborn baby. Oh yeah--I still kind of am a new mom. If you have a baby under the age of 1, I still consider you a new mom. But this new addition to our family makes me feel like I'm in those first few weeks of new-mommyhood.

Sally is coming along. She only woke up once in the night last night and cried for a little bit. Weather Man got up and hushed her and all was quiet again at our house. But that was not the case earlier in the day. On the day that Weather Man brought Sally home to us, after the shock wore off, I started really watching this little dog and trying to decipher what her personality/behavior was going to be like. And I was impressed. She was super calm, took nice long naps, no biting, jumping or chewing. I thought, "maybe I can handle this." I actually thought "maybe she isn't well, puppies aren't this calm--especially lab puppies." Yesterday Sally's puppiness definitely came out. She was running around like a spaz, chasing poor Lucy and nipping at her heals, and chewing on whatever she could get in her mouth.

Here are just a few of Sally's casualities...

Katie's princess bouncy ball (we had some tears over "Sally popped my princess ball!").

The yardstick (which I'm not sure why it was in the backyard).

The badminton thingy (what's it called? A shuttlecock? I call it a birdie.)

Barbie needed a visit from Dr. Ken to fix her nearly amputated hand. (more tears from Katie).

Weather Man's golf club cleaning scrubber (one must ALWAYS have clean golf clubs!)

Poor Mulan barbie...she didn't have a chance (again...tears; and again, mommy said "you need to pick up your toys so Sally won't get them." Ah hmm--Weather Man, that goes for you, too!)

Have you noticed how all our Barbies are naked? What's up with that? Katie probably has 20+ Barbies (I'm not kidding) and 99% of the time all of them are naked. I don't know...???

So anyway...Sally has begun the destruction of our backyard. Good thing she's cute!

I promise I won't blog on Sally tomorrow.


Ok, I won't.

Unless you want me to.

I promise.

(I promise I haven't decided yet).

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Baloney said...

Get used to it! That's all I can tell you. You can join me at dog school (email me if you are really interested) in the fall!