Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What I Hate

You know what I hate...well, I hate the word "hate", it's a mean word and we're all about nice words at our house. But this is what I hate.

Random Stranger: "I hate you because you're skinny."
Me: "Thanks"

Ok, let's get the disclaimer out of the way first. I am NOT skinny. I am the master of illusion and concealing things. Honestly people, how can I be skinny? I've had 3 children in the last 5 years. I may be on the tall/narrow side, but skinny, I am not. If you've been blessed to see me at the pool this summer I think you will confirm that. That is, of course, if you could see past the glaring brightness of my stark white legs (dang, they're sexy--that's a joke).

Anyway...back to this hate business. Why do people say this stuff...

"I hate you because...(fill in the blank with something that would normally be perceived as a compliment such as 'you have great hair' or 'you look fabulous')."

Do people really hate other people they don't know just because they look cute, have great hair, etc.? Ok, secretly they might, but do they have to say it outloud? Seems a little rude to me. We're working on manners at our house these days, so maybe this one just struck me the wrong way and has kind of been bugging me all day. It just seems a little rude.

Is it just me?

Oh, here's Tulsa last night as the sun was setting (the view from my office window). I just think it's kind of pretty.


Momma Bear's Family said...

I agree...It's rude!! Let's stand as a united front and tell them that!! Hehehe!!

Susie said...

Whatever!! You ARE skinny!!!! Even after birthin all them babies...only you can give birth to nearly 10-lb babies & look incredibly awesome after!! I don't hate you, though...I do miss you, however! Call me...on the's that thing you don't know how to answer :)

Baloney said...

DUDE - you are a rail. Of course we all hate you. I just might phrase it differently. :)
Sounds like you and I need to compete in the bathing suit contest. Most Mrs. Coppertone? Most flabby in the thigh area? Most junk in the trunk?
Meet you at the CR pool...I think I'm a ringer.

Alyssa: said...

I bet you I could take you in the Mrs. Spider Veins competition! Let bring this competition on out to the CR pool!