Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Blissful, Perfect Day...um....

Have you ever had one of those days where you actually stop in your tracks and think "hey, we're having a great day!" As in...no one has peed/pooped their pants...no one has talked back like a teenager to her mother (even though she's 5)...no one has pulled all the folded laundry out of the dresser...no has yelled "mommy, Patrick/Katie just hit/kicked/bit/took my..." We had one of those days yesterday! It was GLORIOUS! Sunday was a very trying day at our house thanks to the sassy mouth of one beforementioned 5-year-old. But yesterday we went to the library...everyone behaved beautifully; we went to Sonic...everyone told me what they wanted with their nice voices; then, the miracle of ALL miracles happened...we were almost all down for a nap...

When this showed up...

Now, let's talk about this and how my blissful day came to a screeching hault!

At 1:45 p.m. Weather Man calls:

Weather Man: "Are you taking the kids to do anything this afternoon?"

Me: "No, Katie is watching a movie quietly and I've almost got the other two asleep, why?"

Weather Man: "You said you were going to take them to the library today."

Me: "We already did that, I think we'll just hang out at home this afternoon since it's so hot out and the pool is closed today."

Weather Man: "Okay, well, I'll see you later."

Me: "Ok, love you"

Weather Man: "Love you, too. Bye"

Me: "Bye"

About 15 minutes later, Weather Man shows up with a little black lab puppy in his arms. Our house quickly went from quiet and peaceful to screamin', jumpin', tail waggin', tummy scratchin' mayhem! Weather Man knew not to tell me he was bringing it home because I would've said 'no'! And he knew that if he just showed up with it that the kids would fall in love with it and I would look like the ultra "Mean Mom" if I sent it away. And he also knew that I'm a total softy and sucker for baby animals and that if he got it into our house that even I would have a hard time turning her away.

And just as I knew would happen, Katie and Patrick instantly fell in love with her. Within 5 minutes Katie had named her Sally and Patrick couldn't stop jumping up and down with joy. Baby Lam wasn't so thrilled about this new addition, I think for a couple reasons...1). Baby Lam knows her place in the family as the Baby Princess and wants to keep her royal position (yes, my sweet girl, a dog will never punt you from your position as my Baby), 2). Sally is about the same size as Baby Lam, therefore, their first encounter was eye-to-eye, 3). Baby Lam was about 3 seconds from napville, in that blissful state that you hit just before drift off to sleep. Anyway, Baby Lam wasn't too thrilled with Sally.

But she's here to stay, and I guess I'm okay with it. Katie picked her out a pink collar that has sparkles on it. It's more of a poodle-ish type collar, not really something you'd picture on a black lab. But according to Katie, "she loves it because she loves sparkly things."

Katie found Sally's 'sweet spot' right away and got her leg goin'.

So bear with me...I'm sure there will be quite a bit of blogging on our new family member. Sorry if you're not a dog lover.

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Baloney said...

She can play with the Dood.