Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's a J-O-B

Sometimes I don't like my job. I only work part-time so I can stay at home with the Three Little Lams, so I really shouldn't complain. But there are days that I really just want to pull my hair out. But then I as I'm sit in my corner office with nice, natural light coming through the windows and think about what I do, I realize it's really not so bad. I mean, I actually enjoy what I do, I just have too much to do, so I get frustrated. And I love where I work and what our mission is. Where I work, what we do is not to make a profit (though it helps and makes my job less stressful), it is to continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and to service the sick, the powerless and poor. Which at the end of the day, isn't that a great reason to come to work?

So, I got to thinking about some jobs I would NOT want to have...

1. A garbage man--ick--I know what's in my trash can (loads and load of dirty diapers). I bet after a couple weeks on the job these guys have lost their sense of smell. At least I hope so.

2. A road construction worker in Oklahoma in late July--you know these guys/gals. The ones standing out in the blazing heat holding a sign that says "STOP" and then about every 10 minutes they turn it around and it says "SLOW". Wouldn't be so bad if it was 70 degrees out, but I can't imagine standing out there in 100+ temperatures. That would stink (literally--I bet those people stink). I also would not want to be this same person in, say, North Dakota in January (I don't like being cold--I'm running a space heater right now).

3. Mortuary people--just not sure I could deal with sad people all day. I'm a really compassionate person, but dealing with that day in and day out--I'd think that would take it's toll.

4. Road kill picker upper people--Again, the stink factor. And the gross factor. It's not just a dead animal, it's an animal that got creamed by a Mack truck going 65 m.p.h. Gad, that's gotta be gross.

(Apparently I have a thing about smells and things that stink).

Or how about this guy?
Nope, don't want that guy's job either.

He's the window washer at our building.

I'm not afraid of heights, but I can tell you this...I WOULD NOT want this job. Look at him. He's sitting on a little bitty board, not even holding onto anything. Sure, he's all strapped in and I'm sure he's completely safe, but really??? My office is on the 11th floor of a 14 story building and here's this guy just dangling outside my window. I was going to take his pic when he was eye level with me, but I thought that might freak him out and I didn't want to be the cause of him getting startled and flipping over upside down...causing his bucket of soapy water to go splashing down 11 stories...where it might accidently soak an 80-year-old woman going into the building...causing her to fall down and hit her head on the concrete...and...and...ALL BECAUSE OF ME and my camera.

It was also 101 degrees out when he was washing the windows. That would stink, too. As a matter of fact if you look at the photo closely, I think he was wiping sweat out of his eyes. Hope this guy gets paid a lot.

Bet he doesn't.

Bet he would if he wore a K-State hat!

Update on Sally: Spaz-dog has returned and eating her weight in food in the morning and evening. So I would say we are recovered and our days of chewing, crazy puppy are back!

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