Thursday, July 3, 2008

Country Livin'...It's the Life!

Remember this?

And this...

For some crazy reason we think it's a great idea to load our three little ones up in the car and head north again for Kansas. This time it will be to visit my family. I love KC...the shopping, dining, entertainment, museums, etc. You know, all that stuff we never do when we're there, but it's a great feeling to know it's available. Well, my hometown is the polar opposite of Kansas City. My hometown is about 1 hour west of Wichita, Kansas with a population of about 4,000. It's kind of the gateway to 'No Mans Land' a.k.a...Western Kansas. But I have a secret--I love the place!

So we're going to spend 3 glorious days on the ranch! Well, it's not really a ranch, but my home is out in the country and there are cattle nearby. And wheat fields. (But not too close, my step dad takes pride in his well manicured lawn, landscaping, pond).

I'm sure our 3 1/2 hour drive will be worth it, but I'm SO dreading the drama that will take place later today.

"God, please grant me patience this afternoon."

Here are some things my hometown offers to tourists:

1. 3 stop lights
2. 2 fast food restaurants
3. Brick streets
4. A picturesque courthouse

(here's a photo of it)

5. A drug store with a soda fountain and lunch counter
6. Main street with brick buildings and front door parking

When I was in high school I could think nothing more that I wanted than to 'get out of here!' I thought small town life was stifling, there was no anonymity, nothing to do...the list went on and on. But now, I love it. I love taking my children to a place where people know them, simply because they know me. I love that they can run and run and run in vast open space. I love that they can go fishing with Papa by just stepping out the back door. I love that the view from the front porch is a field of native grass and wildflowers. I love that they get to spend time truly with nature.
I love this place now and there are many days that I yearn to be back in the stillness of the country and a town where I know I can count on the people. I can't wait to get my kids there this afternoon. I'm sure the drive will be trying, but it will be worth it!
Have a Great 4th of July!!!!

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