Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Birthday Week

Whew--we made it through another 'birthday week' at our house! If you didn't notice from the blogs below Katie and Patrick's birthdays are 5 days apart. Which means endless cake, mounds of wrapping paper, deflated balloons and other various birthday items scattered about the house. When Patrick was born I was so glad that he wasn't born on Katie's birthday--he needed his own day! But now after 3 years of dueling birthdays I'm thinking it may have been easier if they were born on the same day...at least I could've gotten it all done with one big bang on one big day. Not drag it out for a week. But, as tired as I am of coming home to a completely messy house, I really do kind of like birthday week. I love the excitement in their little faces and the sheer joy they get out of blowing out birthday candles.

So tonight when I fall into my chair with my plate of leftover cake after inconspicuously popping droopy balloons and throwing away boxes that their new toys came in, I'll remember how much I'll miss all this birthday fun for the next year. Oh yeah--not really, in one month Baby Lam will have her first b-day and all the balloons, cake, wrapping paper, empty toy boxes will reappear!

But let's not think about that yet...let me enjoy my cake!

Birthday #1

(don't you love Baby Lam's little foot in the background of this pic? I don't know, for some reason it just kind of cracks me up).

Birthday #2 (five days later)

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