Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Calling Dr. Lam...Dr. Lam?"

Last week Patrick had his 3-year-old well child check up--which he passed with flying colors. But one thing we learned about our laid back little dude is that he has this thing for exam gloves. Normally I would've just thought he was interested in them because he needed something to entertain himself with while waiting for the doctor. But Tuesday when we went for his dentist appointment, the first thing he did when he got up in the exam chair was ask the hygenist "can I have some of those gloves?" So maybe he has as future in the healthcare industry.

"Nurse, could you please help me with my gloves?"

"Are you ready for your exam now?"

Well, maybe he doesn't have a future in healthcare. I think he needs to work on getting dressed. I'm not sure how well his patients would like them examening them with nothing but his Diego briefs on. Of course, maybe they'd like it. Might make them feel more relaxed--shoot, they don't have any clothes on, why should the doc? Oooooo....and if Patrick did end up as a doc he'd be one of those "Hot Docs" like on Grey's Anatomy, that all the girls swoon over--because he's so darn cute!

Or maybe not, maybe he'll just be a construction worker...

Also, I've decided to end my blogs (most of the time) with a quote of the day. Could be a quote from one of my kiddos (as in today's case) or a co-worker, or just something I overheard. But all day long I hear the funniest sayings, so I thought I'd share--and provide any background on the quote when needed for clarity.

Quote of the Day:

"Patrick, try chocolate milk, it's really good, it's not poop."

(like I would give my kids poop to drink...honestly, Katie, where do you come up with this stuff)?


Baloney said...

ummmm... why is he naked for a dental exam?

Alyssa: said...

Ha! Because we go to a very risque' dentist. Just kidding...the photos were of him at his pediatrician's visit, I didn't get any photos of him in the dental chair with his gloves on. But naked dentistry, that could be a fun option that The Doc should offer at his office--bet he'd get lots of new patients!

Baloney said...

That is just plain frightening to think about!