Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Keepin' it Short

I'm keepin' it short today. I was going to do my blog on my friend Kathleen who never thought her pregnancy was going to end (she saw her due date come and go), but when I got here to take a pic of her I got the news that she is in labor! Yay--I'll do a blog on her tomorrow or the next day.

Plus I hate to mix wonderful news like new babies with the heartbreaking news of a child diagnosed with leukemia. When my friend Susie called to tell me that another one of our friends' little boy was diagnosed I felt the breath go out of me. Literally like someone had hit me in the stomach and knocked the breath out me. This little guy is one of Katie's classmates so the mother in me immediately started to worry about how am I going to have to talk to Katie about this when she asks. And with Katie, it's just a matter of time...she'll ask. I'm already trying to find the words to help a 4 year old understand what's going on without scaring her into thinking it could happen to her. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it (which will probably be tonight when I tell her to say an extra little prayer for Micah).

So those of you 'blogging' today and reading this, please, please say a prayer for God's perfect healing of little Micah, for strength and peace for his mom (who has already suffered the loss of a child), for God to guide the hands of the doctor's who are involved in Micah's care.

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