Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vampires in our Midst

I'm going to keep this short since it's almost (actually past) bedtime at our house. Let's all thank the Weather Man for bringing home his laptop so I can blog tonight and this weekend! of the great things about living in the Brookside area is that you get to live in harmony with homeless or at least what we could call professional beggars. You can't go to the store or fill up your car without someone at least giving you that "please, ma'am, you gotta quarter?" look if not straight up asking. While it does get annoying at times, it's often made for a nice education for my children. Explaining homelessness to a 4 year old can be a challenge, but at the same time, children aren't desensitized by it and almost tearfully ask "what can we do to help him/her?" Along with a whole string of "why's". We attend Trinity Episcopal downtown and as most know, we have Iron Gate, a program/kitchen to feed the homeless. So we have the homeless talk almost every Sunday. I've decided that maybe in the fall when Katie starts Kindergarten that we'll volunteer one day to make the sandwiches that Iron Gate gives to the guests. I think it will make her feel like she is helping them. Oh--actually I think it will serve many purposes for her. If anyone wants to join us with thier kiddos, let me know!

So...back to today. A homeless, (supposedly deaf) man came up to us and asked if we could help. This man was missing his four front teeth on top and bottom. After he walked off, Katie looked at me and said, "Is he a vampire?" (because of the missing teeth, it looked like he had fangs). I love the way children's minds work! So when Weather Man got home from work he got to hear all about how we saw a REAL vampire today.

Hope we don't have any vampires tonight!

(Sorry--not as short as I thought I'd keep it).

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