Friday, August 8, 2008


You are really going to have to bear with me for the next two weeks--I LOVE THE OLYMPICS and there will be a lot of "did you see_______last night?!?" I mean I have a freaky obession for it. When I got up this morning I kind of had that same feeling you get on your birthday. I had a little extra spring in my step, I was more patient with my children, I was anticipating what was to come later in the day. The Opening Ceremonies...let the games begin!

My sister and I went to the Olympics in 1996 (Atlanta). We represented the USA in pairs syncronized swimming.

Just kidding!

But we did go to Atlanta Olympics in 1996 because my sister has the same weird obession with the Olympics as I do. We had the best time. Ooooo...maybe I'll post some of my photos from our trip...way back then. But the reason I mention it is because if you ever have the opportunity to attend the it. It's amazing. Even if you aren't an Olympics fan.

So when Weather Man agreed to take Katie and Patrick to the Drillers game tonight, I hurriedly got them ready and quickly escorted them out the door. I told them they had to sit by daddy and not run around or whine. In otherwords..."be good kids so daddy won't get exasperated and come home early." I got me some Opening Ceremonies to watch! And sans children would be optimal. I wouldn't let Baby Lam take a nap today either...I wanted her to go to bed early--I even took them swimming this afternoon to wear them out. (Ok, this is starting to make me look like a bad mom).

Anyway, when the Olympic song started a couple minutes ago I just about popped! I'll probably cry more in the next two weeks since I have in a long time (I do admit that some of the crying will have to do with my big girl starting Kindergarten and I did my fair share of crying yesterday--her last day at her preschool/daycare).
I know you all are thinking I'm the world's biggest dork.
I probably am, but throughout the next two weeks I'll be giving you my thoughts on the Olympics and how everything is playing out and other Olympic related activities in my home. There are many days that I think that my children will be future Olympians--stay tuned for photographic proof.

Here are a few of my opening thoughts on some of the Olympic sports. I will feature a few each day....

Beach Volleyball--I don't really think this should be an Olympic sport. It's a bunch of babes in bikinis jumping around in the sand. I think maybe it's a ratings booster--but that's just me. I'm sure if you're a legit sand volleyball player you will dispute my thought (and probably kick my rear--those chicks are pretty mean looking).

Shooting--I don't really know anything about this sport, but I did read one time that these guys/girls are so precise and in tune with their bodies that they fire their shots between heartbeats because their bodies are perfectly still at that point. That's pretty cool.

Ok, that's all, I've got to quit typing and watch this!

Post thought: Remember when I was going to do the "Quote of the Day", I know I haven't been very good about keeping up with that. But here's one for today. It's not a's a bumper sticker I was on the truck in front of me at Starbucks today .

This was typed over a pink ribbon--it was a breast cancer awareness bumper sticker...
"Save the Ta-Tas"
Hee hee--I love it!

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Baloney said...

I just like the gymnastics and diving. Badmitton? Really? Where do they come up with some of these??