Monday, March 21, 2011

Is This What's Important

Spring Break if officially over...I dropped off Katie at school this morning and we were instantly back into our routine. I loved spring break, we had a great week! But as you can see I didn't even look at this ol blog during spring break. But, now that we back into the swing of things, I'm going to try my best to get back to regular blogging. So here we go.

Not to be a Debbie Downer on a Monday morning, but I gotta get this one off my chest. Recently these two magazines arrived in our mailbox. I don't normally read either of these (I prefer to read my InStyle and Runners World magazines), but look at the front covers of these magazines, I couldn't help but read the article coinciding with the covers.

Good grief--where are our priorities and morals, people? I know the world isn't all sunshine and butterflies, but really...there's an "adultery marketplace?" And what about those athletes who we all think are so great, who have criminal backgrounds. If they weren't athletes I bet you'd just think they were punk kids who are trouble. But if they are an athlete, oh by all means, give them a second chance. Maybe it's those non-athletes that need the second chance.

Well, well, well....I'll jump off my soap box since I could go on and on. But what do you think of these things? What are you doing to teach your kids to be honest and moral citizens of our world when they are bombarded with this kind of thing day after day? I'd like to hear.

Have a nice Monday!


Baloney said...

I agree. I resist the urge to read People Magazine when I see it for the same reason. It's also partly why I'm never watching reality TV.
We have to live IN this world, but we should really strive to not be OF this world.
I totally get what you mean.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

What in the heck is adultery marketplace? Is that like Whole Foods? I get my coconut water there but I don't hang out too long.

I laughed when I saw the Business Week magazine cover. It reminded me of an old joke that I'll spare you.

I'm sorry but I think we are totally hypocritical about college sports. Its huge business and the coaches get millions of dollars and the assistants are now getting hundreds of thousands of dollars. They are going to continue to recruit anybody that can play regardless of their rap sheet.

MommaAmma said...

Oh my! Mostly I broach public topics like these by completely avoiding them. Oh wait, that doesn't help. Well, we don't watch the news and if he catches a peek of a bad story I explain in simplest terms who committed what sin and that it makes God sad. I think I'll have a lot more work cut out for me with a girl that will feel a lot of pressure to be sexy and cookie cutter. Any advise would be most appreciated!

Dawn said...

It infuriates me that athletes constantly get breaks from following the law. Argh! They are way overpaid.