Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Month? Dang!

Shazaaaam! Whoa--no way has it been almost a month since I posted. In the words of Joe Dirt..."dang!"


I could sit here and give you a million excuses why I've been absent for a month, but shoot, it's summer girls and boys and sometimes mama's get a summer break, too.

But really I've just been uber-busy. I won't give you details, I'll just say it goes a little something like this...summer camp, VBS, golf camp, pool time, grandparent's visit, pool time, kid #1's birthday, 5K races, pool time, kid #2's birthday...etc, etc. But I'm no different than the rest of you parents out there. I've just put blogging on the back burner. But I'll be back. Just not next week.

Oh, and there's this little thing, too...
I'll fill ya in on that later...


Happy Hot Thursday!

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Baloney said...

Are you a tTownmom now?