Friday, August 20, 2010

Preschool Patrick

My little guy started big boy preschool yesterday. I was so worried about him going to a school where he'd never gone and knew no one. He's been talking about it and so excited for weeks now, but I still figured that when the day came it wouldn't go well (this is the kid that cried every time I've ever left him at the church nursery, with a babysitter, or at day care back when I worked).

But boy did he ever prove me wrong. He wore his dinosaur backpack for about an hour before it was time to leave. Sat by the door saying, "let's go." And the best part was when we pulled into the parking lot of the school he said, "you can just drop me off, I'll just run myself in."

I'm not sure I'm ready for him to be so anxious to get away from me. He's my mama's boy and is supposed to want to spend all his time with me. (He even said as much this summer). But I couldn't be more proud of him. And he talked about it all day after I picked him up. And asked if he could go back today ("no") or tomorrow ("no--on Tuesday, Patrick").

So, yay!! He did great--I don't know if it's because he feels comfortable there because his preschool is at the school Katie goes to, or if he just needed that year at home with me that he got this past year (I quit my job last summer to stay home with the kids). Whatever it is, it works for me.

Now...if I can just get wild Josie straightened out.


Anonymous said...

超棒的,給予最大支持。(* ̄△ ̄*)............................................................

Kathleen said...

He's such a big boy now!! U have to be so proud of them and yourselves for being such great parents.