Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Like to Boogie

Stop the What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday presses!!!

Dancing with the Stars new season has started!

I watched both nights so far and I'm pretty sure I know who will be going home tonight (Macy Gray & maybe that ultimate fighter guy...not sure on the dudes).

Anyway...tomorrow you will get the Thursday edition of What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday.

For many of you are watching DWTS? And who are you liking?

Oh--I'm lovin' Kelly Osbourne. Wow--who would've thought??

Donnie Osmond--he's a fairly good dancer, but so super annoying. He'll probably go pretty far, though.

I'll give you more of my thoughts on DWTS later...I definitely have an opinion (I'm just short on time today--I'm cooking dinner for a friend who had a baby)...

Peace, love and dancing!

1 comment:

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I can't wait for Kathy Ireland to go. She acts like she is going to win it. She was a lot better at taking her clothes off for the camera than she is at dancing.