Friday, September 11, 2009

A Whole Bunch of Nothingness

Today I don't have a darn thing planned (for this post, that is). Since I know you miss my random ramblings, I thought that's just what I'd do today. Just jabber and talk randomly about nothing. Sometimes it feels nice just to read brainless blabber. Here you go...

It's Sept. 11. Eight years has gone incredibly fast, don't you think? Where were you when you heard about the attacks? I was walking into my office at St. John and all the administrators were sitting in our office area watching TV (because our department had a TV--marketing/advertising/PR people--we had to have a TV). I just kind of walked by and logged onto the internet, but all the news sites wouldn't load, so I peeked out my office door to see what was going on and that's when I saw it. I think all the families of the victims and our country could still use some prayer. God Bless America.

This is weird...I can't figure it out. On Wednesday night the counter on my blog was at something around 6400 hits. Yesterday morning when I logged on, the counter was at 11,900. What's up with that??? How could I have 5000+ hits overnight? I think it's a technical error. WM thinks the Spaghettio's people got wind of it. Hee hee...yeah, maybe that's it. The Spaghettio's people are out to get me.

I've agreed to be the Girl Scout leader for the Kindergartner Daisy troop at Katie's school. I'm excited, but a little nervous. Hope I can keep those little 5 & 6 year olds entertained and form them into the confident leaders that scouting is supposed to achieve. I think for now we'll concentrate on planting flowers and helping each other. :)

How 'bout football season? Are you lovin' it? I am! Sorry to the OU fans. I'm an OU fan (most of the people on my mom's side of my family graduated from OU), so last weekend was a sad, disappointing day.

I need the rain to stop. The kiddos haven't been able to go outside in days. Their behavior is showing the affects of that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!! Happy Friday!


MommaAmma said...

Whew! That was random and you are was enjoyable to read!

I was getting ready for work 8 years ago and watched in shock. That just couldn't have happened. I had to stop by the bank for our daily cash but strange, it wasn't opened. And it didn't open that day. And we didn't have one customer that day. I agree, prayers will always be needed for all those families are still going through.

My counter has been broken too but just stuck, not counting. Weird.

I could care less about foosball. I just know to stay away from Nip on Saturdays because there's an 85% chance he'll be moody.

Our rain rain finally went away. It's sure to be back soon though. Take the little Lams to the library, sit back with a book and act like you don't know them when they get really loud and crazy.

And have a super weekend!

MommaAmma said...

Yes, my comment is long enough to be a blog entry and so sorry for that but I also wanted to say I'm so excited you'll be the leader for Katie's troop. That is so exciting and I hope to do that someday. So sweet and so exciting!

Baloney said...

I should probably go look at my counter. Not thinking it is so relizable anymore?!
I like your random post. :)