Friday, September 4, 2009

Read it Again, Mommy!

My kids and I love to go to the library. It's funny which books appeal to my kids.

Patrick is really, REALLY into dinosaurs these days. Back in July we had a dinosaur birthday for him, he's been playing with his toy dinosaurs more than his Hot Wheels, and he even acts out being a dinosaur with roars and stomping, he'll even tell you which ones are 'meat eaters' or 'plant eaters' (his preferred dinosaurs are T-Rex and velociraptor). Like I said, he's really into dinosaurs.

We found these two books this summer. One of these two always ends up in our library bag. We often spend lots of time searching the shelves for them. The librarian at the library we visit even helps us when my Patrick starts to get distraught that it might be checked out. God bless those sweet librarians...they are so patient with my crew!

I find them to be very appropriate...

Cute stories about a boy (named Patrick) and his imagination about dinosaurs. What Happened to Patrick's Dinosaurs is particularly fun--it's Patrick's version of what happened to the dinosaurs and why they aren't on Earth anymore.

And then there's this one...
It's a fun story about a kangaroo (named Josephine) who wants to dance, but all the wombats and other Aussie's tell her "kangaroos can't dance." Well, she shows them! Those Josephine's...they are strong willed gals (I should know)!
It fits our Josephine quite well...she, too, LOVES to dance!

We read these books over and over. It's fun to find books that seem to parallel my children's lives (now if I could just find one titled Princess Ballerina Katie and Her Over Dramatic Day).
With these books, I don't mind it when they say....

"Read it again, mommy!"


Baloney said...

cute books!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Do all little boys go through a dinosaur stage. I found out when SuperPizzaBoy went through his dinosaur phase that my knowledge was obsolte. We had lots of fun learning about them.