Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Neck of the Woods--The Trail

I'm hookin' up with the RHOK again today to do In My Neck of the Woods. Go visit them to see what's going on in other people's lives. It's interesting!


So, what's in My Neck of the Woods you ask? Well, today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite things about the area where we live. We, unlike all the other Tulsans in our age bracket, live in midtown. I love the uniqueness and quaintness of midtown and how each home has it's own little unique quirk and charm. I know our days here in midtown are numbered as we've outgrown our home (yes, that's the draw back of midtown--the houses are small--even the houses that) and that we'll be moving sometime soon. Midtown just has a special feel to it that we love.

The city has really invested time and money into the River Trail that runs along Riverside Drive. It's literally a hop, skip and jump down from my house to the trail. And since I'm a runner (not a Runner, but I run) I use the trail several times a week. The city has repaved the trail and separated the walking/running portion of the trail form the bike portion. Which I LOVE because I remember just a few short years ago when I'd go run and would have to be on high alert for cyclists to come flying by me. Yikes! I love the new lights along the trail (and how each light has a number on it. For me as a runner, I use it as a tool, "go to light #260 today", etc). There's a nice gravel portion to the trail for those runners/walkers who don't like running on asphalt--I hear it's easier on your joints--I still prefer to run on the paved surface.
No matter if you want to go for a long run, a nice brisk walk, a family bike ride or push your kiddo in the stroller the River Trail is a great place to go. Even if you live in other areas of Tulsa, it is worth it to pack up the fam and drive down and enjoy the portion of the trail from 11th Street to 71st Street (I will warn you that from 47th Street to 61st Street is under construction). There are is a play park for the kids at 41st (this one also has a nice splash pad) and 18th and the new Blue Rose is open and right on the trail. If you time it right you can even catch a rugby game or ultimate frisbee game on the rugby field that is located right on the trail. Or if you're into disc golf, there's a disc golf course, too. Really, you need to hope on your bike or lace up your sneakers and take a stroll around the newly fixed up trail.
This pic was taken yesterday afternoon after the rains moved on...so things are a little wet and mucky looking, but still you get the idea.

All along the trail are bronze statues. Most are of wild life (I'll do a post on them another time), but there's also this guy...I like to tease WM that it's a statue of him. HA! (Trust me, WM does not look like that). I think it's a nice touch to the trail.

I hope that you'll take time this spring to come spend some time on this part of the trail and My Neck of the Woods.


Nadine Hightower said...

Do you remember when the thing to do was roller skate down there?? Or am I showing my age?? Our class actually took a trip just to skate on Riverside.

Baloney said...

Someplace down there rents bikes, too. The boys and I had a lot of fun there in the fall!

Dawn said...

Love this post. What a neat area you live in - so close to so many things.

Brett rides his bike along there (or used to, LOL). He has gone a few times since his job ended. He's even taken Courtney to ride with him. I have yet to do any of the trails.

But, I'm liking the idea of skating it. I "might" be able to do that. Of course, I can walk if I have to. Ha

Thanks for linking up!

ShaRhonda said...

Oh how I want to start Running!!!! I have never done the trails. Have always watched people enviously...good fir you!

Impulsive Addict said...

I've jogged the trail and I love it! Great pics! I love Tulsa. It's so much better than living in my HELL. <---get it??

granola catholic said...

We love that part of town, while we live out in the boonies we make trips often to your neck of the woods. I and my family much prefer that to the other eating and shopping areas in Tulsa. In fact my Pi wants to be a little old bungalow some day when she finishes med school and be able to ride her vespa every where.