Friday, October 1, 2010

Housekeeping Items

Today is housekeeping day. No, not at my house, but here on the blog...

1. Go over and visit my cousin Adrienne's blog, it's over there on the left...Adrienne in Morocco. She did a pretty long post on how things have been going for her. It's eye opening and you'll never be more thankful for a flushing toilet and a sink with water and soap. Leave her a comment...tell her how you got to her blog. I think she'd love some connection to the real world, so stop by and tell her hello.

2. I've got a contest coming up when I get to 20,000 hits. Watch for more details coming soon.

3. My husband is smokin' hot.

4. The end.

5. I love ya, readers.

6. Peace out.

7. I'm a dork.

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