Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Stuff

Christmas is drawing near. I officially have 2 presents bought and 2 checks in the mail (my contribution to "group gifts"). That's probably 4 more than I had done at this time last year. Last year I had the excuse of the ice storm and being without power for 10 days. This year it's just nothin' but old fashioned procrastination. I just today ordered Christmas cards, too. Dang it, I'm SO behind.

I posted the Lams boogyin' to some disco tune for you to enjoy. I was going to do the classic version of Elf Yourself, but I liked how the disco version really made WM look groovy. I couldn't resist posting it! :)

I will soon be posting about Katie's first Nutcracker viewing.

I'm off to go do some online shopping. I'm sure my shipping charges will be outrageous since I'm down to the wire on time.

Next year in about June, will someone please post in my comments, 'start Christmas shopping.'

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MommaAmma said...

I'm adding to my Calendar "Go To Tulsa to Start Christmas Shopping with Alyssa and the Deal Finder" on June 1st! Promise! We'll feel so proud of ourselves. We'll only have cookie baking and eating to do come December.