Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Vampires...

Since I have a ton of photos to download and post, a bunch of laundry to fold and put away, and continue to unbury ourselves in the Christmas meyhem, I don't have a post ready. But it's been awhile and I promised to be more consistent. So I think I'll do my review of the book I finished a couple nights ago...

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.

This the follow up to Twilight...which I really liked. It surprises me that I even like these books because I'm not into the whole mythical creatures deal. But this author does a good job of putting them in real settings.

I didn't like New Moon as much. It was just okay. I think it was a little predictable and if you're into the chemistry between the vampire family and how they co-exist with humans, you don't really get it here...except a little bit at the end.

I will continue read the series (as soon as I can get the next book--it's sold out everywhere) because I want to see how this whole thing turns out. But I thought New Moon just seemed a little far fetched and the characters were developed as much as in Twilight.

So there...that's my opinion, for what it's worth.

I've moved on to a book that I can really, REALLY relate to...Confessions of a Shopaholic.

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