Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Fabulously, Fantastic Blog

For some reason my friend Baloney thinks my blog is fabulous. I find that very flattering and fantastic and far out, but that is kind of far-fetched to fathom. Ok, enough with the "F" words--this week's letter at Katie's school is F, so we've been talking a lot about F words. NO--not THAT F word!
Anyway...thanks Baloney for thinking my blog is fabulous. Actually now that I've discovered Facebook, my poor blog has been somewhat neglected. I'm going to try to be better about it--kind of a Christmas gift to you, my faithful friendly followers.

Here's what I'm supposed to do since I got my 5 of my addictions and pass on 5 blogs that I nominate for the award. So here we go...

My addictions....
1. The internet...Facebook and blogging in particular.
2. Starbucks--Decaf grande mocha, please.
3. My family--I just can't get enough of those 3 Little Lams and Mr. WM.
4. Shopping--I love to shop, by myself, on my time.
5. Donuts--I don't know why, but I just can't keep away from them.

Sorry my addictions aren't so exciting...but check out these blogs. Besides Baloney, these are some of my favs...

Susie's Zoo--she's not keeping her current--hint, hint, but when she updates they are pretty darn good!
Mamma Llama--this is my SIL who puts up with my "Baby Prince" brother. I sometimes wonder if he pulls his sob stories on her just to get her to toast him a bagel or fix him something to eat--so he doesn't have to get up to do it. He's such a Baby Prince! :)
Paper Doll Designs--go here to check out her cute, cute stuff!
Manning Memo--this is my friend Kathleen who posts photos of her super cute, precious baby that I want to hold and love on all the time.

Ok, that's only four, but that's because I'm not popular and don't have a bunch of blog friends. But isn't quality more important than quantity? ha ha's how I make myself feel better for not having very many friends. Poor me!


Notice that I changed the book over there? Yes, I'm actually reading again. I'm doing things a little backwards. I went saw the movie Twilight first and I'm reading the book second. So I know how it turns out, but I'm more about character development and you just don't get that in a movie. Baloney said I should read the book so I can really get to know the characters and their relationships with each other. Hopefully I'll be able to buzz through it quickly.


Baloney said...

YAY! You are reading it!!
And yes - you are fabulous! :)

nick04 said...

Hey, if I can get others to do things for me, what's the problem? Sounds like a great leader to me.

MommaAmma said...

Oh Alyssa, don't let him fool you, he's only Baby Prince in Kingman! Fine by me. He met his match with another "youngest child". We do a pretty good job of being equally whiney! ;oD