Monday, December 8, 2008

Sending Out an SOS

Since typing that Heading I have that Police song stuck in my head. I'm not really complaining...I LOVE the Police like I love Starbucks (I like to listen to the Police while drinking my Starbucks). Is anyone else amused that I can get off track so easily. I mean, do The Police have anything to do with this post? No.

Here's what this post is about (it's two-fold):
1. My poor neglected blog and fellow blog readers
2. My normal Monday Mumblings

Here we go:

1. My Poor Neglected Blog: Here's what I have to say about that...I'm alive and I've discovered Facebook. Should be explanation enough. But I promise I'll be better about posting.

And here are my Monday Mumbles:

First's going to be cold tomorrow and I'm mad about it. As I've said many times before, I don't like cold. I really don't like wet cold. And I really, really don't like when 'they' say it's going to snow--and it doesn't. I've lived in Oklahoma long enough to know that snow is not that common, but we get lots of "it's going to snow" from our weather-dudes. Now, if we were in Kansas and they were telling me it's going to snow, I'd say, "Ok, it's going to snow" and I'd wake up to 45' snow drifts. I'm tellin' ya...I've seen it...I grew up in rural Kansas. It happens. If you're in rural Kansas and they say it's going to is. It may even snow without being forewarned.

Postscript: I like's how I tolerate cold weather. If God would work out a way for it to snow in July I would really appreciate it.


We didn't have power for most of the day (hence my absence from Facebook and blogging until now). If there's one thing that ranks right up there in my dislikes, it's wind. I never have liked it. When I was in high school and it was cool to drive around with your windows down, I wouldn't do it. It was the wind factor. I don't like it. And I really don't like it when it blows over a tree into the transformer out back of our house and leaves us powerless for a day. I was having flash backs from a year ago...but that's a post for tomorrow.


When all three of the Little Lams were babies I really wanted them to be pacifier babies. It would be easier to "pacify" an un-pacifiable baby if they had a pacifier, a.k.a. "paci". But, no, none of my kiddos would take one, so I spent HOURS pacing and bouncing them. But, this weekend Baby Lam found and old paci. I don't know where, but Saturday morning she came walking into the living room with one in her mouth...and really hasn't taken it out since. Now she's to the age that I don't want her to have what gives with my backwards child?

Here she is with her paci. She's also discovered how to unzip her jammies. Throw on a couple gold chains and she'd be one rockin' 70's disco babe!
Secretly--doesn't that picture want to make you rub her soft little belly? Nothing better than a baby's soft belly.

That's self explanatory--I need a cut and color in the worst way. I look in the mirror in the morning and embarrass myself. It's one of those neglected mom things that I put off. But enough is enough--I'm making an appointment this week.


Hey all you Tulsans reading this...remember what happened 1 year ago tonight? I'm going to do tomorrow's post on living through it.

Peace out!

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nick04 said...

It is snowing in an upward from window.