Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Trip

I've promised that I'd post pics from our recent trip to Cozumel, so here they are. This was the first time that WM and I have left the kids so I was a wee bit nervous about leaving them (I use the term "wee bit" loosely...I was extremely nervous about it). But we packed our bags, got on a jet plane and went. We had a really nice time.

The view from our room

Me at the market place in San Miguel...a place where no visitor leaves without her/his fairshare of Mexican junk. But it was fun...the bartering and all (which I was really bad at and WM was even worse).

Me and WM at the beach outside Coconuts...totally fun place. Go there if you go to Cozumel. It was our fav place on the island.
We got serenaded by a 6 piece Mariachi band...not sure WM was as thrilled about it as I was by the look on his face.

This little bugger was MEAN. He's an attack parrot...who has strategically built his nest on the path to the bathroom. So you better have to go bad...or take a big stick with ya.

We came back to our room to find this on our bed. A little tip for the maids goes a long way...keep that in mind next time you travel to our neighbor to the south.
Here's our friend Cheap-o Philip-o, he got this poncho stuck on his head. Man, he must have a big brain!Here's my girls in their Mexican dresses we brought them. They LOVE them and want to wear them all the time.And Patrick in his Mexican soccer player outfit which I have had to hide from him because he wants to wear it everyday, too. Patrick LOVES soccer and when he put this little outfit on he said "I look like a 'Mexico soccer boy'!" Um, no, not really Patrick, you look like a pasty-white Irish boy dressed in a Mexican soccer outfit...but whatever floats your boat, little guy. :)

All in all we had a great time. It was awesome to get away and relax. Here's what I took away from this trip:
1. The most beautiful ocean--like a postcard
2. Mexico can send a germ-a-phob like me over the edge
3. You can only take Mexico on small spurts (5 days was plenty).
4. Bartering is not for me.
5. But you can get a lot for a little if you work at it.
6. Sunscreen doesn't work down there (actually, it probably does just double your normal dosage).
7. The poverty depressed me.
8. Venture out--get out of the resort--rent a jeep and go to places unknown or a lot less traveled. That's where you'll find the most beautiful beaches and oceans.
9. Don't spend all your time worrying about your kiddos, they are having a blast with grandma.
10. Rediscover your spouse and rekindle your marriage, even if it just involves sitting next to him/her on the beach holding hands or talking without interruption.

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