Monday, February 2, 2009

That Cute Baby Strikes Again

I didn't watch any...not one minute...of the Super Bowl.  Usually I do, but just for the commercials (since Kansas City never has any possibility of ever, EVER getting in the Super Bowl).  I like watching the ads because that's the line of work I've always been in.  The creativity (or lack of) always amazes me.  That and the cost of the ads.  Man, what I would do to have a budget that allows me to place ONE ad that costs $3 million.

Anyway...this year I was busy with the kids, so I didn't watch any of the game.  Too bad, I hear it was a good.  

I heard that the E*Trade Baby is back.  I LOVE those ads and that baby!!!   So I You Tubed him and watched all his videos.  I love that little guy...he's so funny.  Well...actually his writers are, but whatever, right.  

Since I can't come up with anything intelligent to write about today, I thought I'd leave you with this.  Again, I have a weird, dry sense of humor, so not everyone probably thinks this is funny.

Oh, and this one I just think is funny since I live with a golfaholic.


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MommaAmma said...

That is too good. I love the kid checkin out baby's mommy. The golf one is adorable too!