Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Silly Sally

I'm going to give it another shot and enter another photo in the contest. This week's subject is "eyes" and "pets". Oh boy, did they open a can of worms by opening up a pets catagory. I've got all sorts of photos of Silly Sally and Lazy Lucy. (By the way, Silly Sally is on my list...she barked non-stop until midnight last night. Was there a full moon or something)? Anyway...she's still cute and we still love her, and she is still has way too much puppy in her and there have been many more backyard casualties...footballs, baseball bats, dog food bowls, snow boots, etc.

This is the photo of Sally that I'm entering on this website:

Click here to go to the website to see some more awesome photos!

WM doesn't like this photo of Sally, but I love it because of the circumstances surrounding it. She had just gotten in trouble for chewing up something and she was giving me the "I'm innocent" look. Darn it, she's such a cutie pie!

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Mandey said...

Awesome shot!! She's beautiful!