Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Rules

Now that I'm a stay-at-home mommy I've had to get serious with the rules around here to avoid complete mayhem.  One of the new rules that I'm instituting is not letting Baby Lam suck on her pacifier except for in her bed.  Sounds easy to all of you non-paci-addicted-baby moms or those without kids.  But let me tell you, it's quite trying when an almost 2-year-old screams for over an hour saying "I want paci! I want paci!"

So today she just gave in and when she said "I want paci" I said, "you can suck it in your bed, do you want to get in your bed?" (which then she normally shrieks "NO!").  But today, she put on her puppy dogs eyes and nodded her head.

Into the bedroom we went and I put her in her bed and away she went.  Sucking on that paci like a drunk does to the bottle.  It was pure nirvana for her!  She was so relaxed, her eyes were nearly rolling back into her head.

I'm thinking that maybe I should start putting this rule to use on myself.  "You can only have cookies in your bed."  I would sit there in my bed and just eat a whole plate of cookies.  Guilt-free...I mean, I'm in my bed after all.

What's your addiction?

Next up...Rule #2...no thumb sucking except in your bed (this one is for my 6-year-old and is going to be a tough one!  I need some advice on it).


Baloney said...

That poor girl! That pic is so sweet!!
We did that same rule but it failed when Jacob would climb in his crib and grab the paci - then he climbed back out with it in his mouth.
Michael was a finger sucker and it just took persistence and reminders finally kicked the habit.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Don't tell Sweetie or I'll have to do my geocaching in bed.

MommaAmma said...

We gave all B's pacis to the paci ferry who brought him a gift. I was so scared he would flip out but thirty minutes of looking and I kept putting the gift in front of him to remind him they are gone and we were done. I'm sure the next one won't be so easy!

Vinegar on the thumb. Haha, isn't that what non parents say? I have no idea on that one! Again, I'm sure to deal with it with this next one.

My addiction? Choose only one...I'd crawl in your bed and eat cookies with you. Nip watches tv in bed and I can't stand it. Your tv would be off right? I guess being in your bed would be weird tho.