Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Would Rather Do? Wednesday

School is starting this week for many kids in our city this week.  It is not starting for Katie (she starts next week).  So in honor of Back-to-School, here's a question for What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday...

Would you rather:

Start school earlier in the month (say mid-August) and get out for the year in May


Start school later in the summer (say, around Labor Day) and get out in June?

Let me know...leave me comment!

Happy Wednesday!


MommaAmma said...

I'd pick later. If I were a kid today starting so early, I wouldn't be able to wear my new school clothes because it would be too hot. Yes, life does center around clothes.

Dawn said...

I prefer later as well!!

Going to the end of May or 1st of June isn't that bad.

Baloney said...

We always went through the first week of June. I wouldn't really care either way - as long as the amount of summer break time stayed the same.