Saturday, August 29, 2009

An Unannounced ROAR

I don't have anything really brilliant to blog about tonight, so I thought I'd share this photo with you.

I was taken by 4-year-old.  I didn't know he'd taken it.  It was one of those photos you come across when downloading other photos and say to yourself "what's that?"  Patrick happened to be sitting with me during a recent download and exclaimed, "there's my T-Rex I took a picture of!"

I'm still wondering how he got my's up out of reach of little hands.  Apparently he's watched me turn it off and on and take the lens cap off, etc.  I'm impressed that he got it to the point that he could even take a photo.  Let alone the great picture he took (I'm joking people, just go with me here).  He's got nice use of shadow and light.  Good edge blur. It's not quite in focus, but that soft focus makes the dinosaur not so scary.  Not bad for a 4-year-old.

Pretty soon the little guy is going to be better than me.

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