Monday, October 26, 2009


It's amazing what a dollar can (or can't) buy...a candy bar, a piece of Hubba Bubba, a, that's about it.

It can also buy this.
WM ran to the grocery store yesterday and on his way there he saw this little boy with a chair and table and a box of toys set up in his front yard with a sign that read "Toy Sale" and his mom sitting on the porch watching. WM drove by and finished his errand to the store. But he stopped on his way back (he has a soft spot in his heart for these little guys--toy sale, lemonade stand, school fundraiser...ask WM, he'll say yes). So he stopped to help the little guy out and came home with that (pictured above).

Buzz Lightyear.

A talking, lights blinking, practically new/in perfect condition Buzz Lightyear. So he bought it--for $1

You can get this same Buzz Lightyear at Target for $34.

Patrick hasn't put it down since.

Here's Patrick laying on the couch watching Toy Story-with his $1 Buzz Lightyear.
I'm pretty sure that we'll never get this kind of return on our investment ever again.

See what you can get today for $1 that will give your child hours and hours; days and days; months of enjoyment.



Baloney said...

Wow. What's that address?!! :)

Dawn said...

Seriously! I agree with Baloney!

What a sweet post this was!

♥georgie♥ said...

Now thats a Bargain!
just stopping by visiting all the SSS Participants-Hope your having a wonderful week

MommaAmma said...

I'm kind of sad for the kid selling his toys for a buck but at the same time I'm brainstorming, trying to figure out how to talk B into selling his toys to someone who would appreciate them more. Hmm...

Kathleen said...

Love the new layout!! Fancy pants over there.