Friday, October 30, 2009

Close Your Eyes...This Stuff is Scary!

I have to admit, I'm not really that big fan of Halloween. Let me rephrase that...I don't like spooky, gory, bloody, gooey, creepy Halloween stuff. I totally love my little cowgirl, Batman, and 50's girl. But I'm going to have real issues when they start wanting to dress up as scary, horror things (really I'm not too worried about Katie--I'm pretty sure she'll never go down that road). Plus, I love pink and spring and flowers (which I think we've clearly established on this 'ol blog)...I guess you could say I'm more of an Easter type gal than Halloween (even though 1/2 of my wardrobe consists of black clothing...that doesn't count).

So in the spirit of Halloween I thought I'd give you MY Top 10 scary things:

10. Freddie from Nightmare on Elm Street. He doesn't scare me anymore, but he was scary in his day, so he deserves a place on the list. And if you are near my age, you know that just once it crossed your mind that this creep might be lurking somewhere in your dreams. Huh?

9. Stephen King. I've met this guy in person (when I worked for a bookstore the employees got to have lunch with him, it was a small group so we got to actually converse with him). Let me tell ya...there's a reason he can write those freaky/scary books. The dude has a strange, strange mind.

8. Darth Vader. Come on, you have to admit that breathing was just plain scary. How'd you like to hear that in a dark room? And then when he took of his helmet thing and you saw his acid burnt, white scary face. Yeah, that was the closer for me. Scary.

7. Catwoman. Not the sexy catwoman from Batman. This woman. This is a lesson in plastic surgery gone wrong. Very, very wrong. And very, very scary.

6. Jaws. You know this bad boy crossed your mind the first time you went in the ocean after seeing this movie.

5. The Fog. Fog in general is not so scary. But fog with red glowing eyes (circa 1980). Now that's some scary fog.

4. The little girl on The Exorcist. Holy moley. THAT was some scary stuff! That movie still freaks me out everytime I watch it. It really has to be one of the most frightening movies ever. I find satan possessed-type movies to be WAY scarier than slasher type movies.

The following three are the trifecta that makes The Wizard of Oz one of the scariest movies of all time. I grew up in Kansas, so these three had an elevated scare factor in my home state...and I double checked the trees when my mom drove us here and there.

3. The wicked witch. She wasn't all deviled up looking. Just an old fashioned wicked witch. But man, she was scary.

2. The misty, fog laden Oz face. What was that? Part vampire (the fang-like teeth), part devil (the weird veins/horn type things), part goblin (shrouded in green mist). I don't know, but that Oz head was frightening. That poor cowderdly lion, no one should shame him for running...I would've run from that freaky thing, too.

1. The flying monkeys. Hands down, this is the scariest thing ever known to man. Flying monkeys. Scary!

Happy Halloween!


MommaAmma said...

For the record, I was in the middle of commenting earlier when Baby A decided to start heading into this world. Thanks for scaring the baby out of me!

Alyssa: said...

It's was that scary freaky flying monkey that did it!