Saturday, October 24, 2009

Adventures in Mexican Relaxation

I've been meaning to do a post on our recent (3 weeks ago) trip to Mexico. But I just can't organize my thoughts to tell all about it. So here's a very abbreviated version.

Went for 5 days to Maya Riveria, about 20 minutes south of Playa del Carmen. Great resort-I'd recommend it and if you go there--take advantage of the spa services. WM golfed in Playa one day and said it was great, too. It's called Adventura Spa Palace. We went to Cozumel back in February and I wasn't real impressed with it, but I really liked this place and it gave me a different attitude towards vacationing to Mexico (even though I still prefer Polynesian destinations).

Here you go:

Our room with a (sort of) view. That jungly looking area below had a sweat-lodge in the midst of it.

The big pool.

The littler pool (this makes it look really wrapped around that fountain and expanded on the back side).

The indoor pool.

Where we laid out most of the time.

The back patio.

Pretty flowers everywhere in many colors.

Pretty floral arrangement that was delivered to our room the night before we left.

Weird looking berry/nut things on trees (anyone know what those are?).

Wildlife. These were everywhere in all sizes. This one was probably in the mid-size range. We saw little bitty ones and WM had to wait for a pretty big one to get off the 18th tee box while golfing.

WM feeding El Gato.

The view over to Cozumel (you can barely see the cruise ships docked over there).

And if you're feeling a little flabby from all the food, fun and can always run into Playa del Carmen and work it off at a Pole Dancing class.

Gracias--buenas dias!


Baloney said...

Sounds lovely!

MommaAmma said...

Hmm, never really had a desire to do Mexico but this sounds really nice. Especially the Nip golfing while I spa part! :o) I'm glad you finally got to get away!