Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Round-Up

Halloween has come and gone. It "treated" us well and no one "tricked" us by getting sick (which seems to happen each year). We basically had 4 Rounds of Halloween. So I'll just give it to you in pictures.

Oh--what were the kids, you ask?
Katie--Sandy (from Grease), a.k.a. 50's girl
Josie--cowgirl (who doesn't believe in wearing a cowboy hat, or anything on her head for that matter).
Patrick--Dinosaur, Batman, Football player (you'll see...)

Round 1 (Oct. 28): Trunk or Treat at Katie's school.

This photo was taken before they left the house.

Round 2 (Oct. 30): Cedar Ridge CC Kid's Halloween Party

Patrick in the costume parade.

Katie just hanging out.

Josie checking out my dinner.

Round 3 (Oct. 31): Boo Ha Ha parade

Sorry--no photos during Boo Ha Ha, we just wore our Halloween shirts for the parade because our costumes were in the wash.

Round 4 (Oct. 31): Halloween Trick or Treating.

The Three Little Lams getting ready to hit the streets!
Hope you all had a GREAT Halloween and didn't get too spooked!


Baloney said...

Cute. I like Baby Lam's pigtails.

♥georgie♥ said...

Your children are just PRECIOUS!
Loved the pics