Friday, November 20, 2009

You Might Have a 2-Year-Old If...

You find random marker colorings on the wall.

A blur of random nakedness streaks by you at a birthday party (in public).
Yes, that is my child.

All the books on the bookshelf have been pulled down.

Your sister's make-up is dumped out all over her cosmetics drawer after an afternoon visit.
(Thankfully I have the best sister in the world who emailed me this photo after finding the mess and told me she actually thought it was a little bit funny).

You find random hair clippings on the floor.

You might have a 2-year-old if all of these things have happened within 5 days of each other.


Kathleen said...

What a hoot!! I'll accept all hair clippings and fashion a nice extension for Miss Jackie. The color is close enough. :-)

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Oh yeah, that brought back some memories!!

MommaAmma said...

I forgot about age 2! It's been 2 years since and 2 years until. I can't wait! I bet Baby A will take a crack at your cosmetics drawer!

Baloney said...

Jacob has decorated every wall in our house and even written his name on his bed with a sharpie (how'd he get that?). I'm laughing WITH you - not AT you. :)