Friday, May 14, 2010


Apparently this week is "Blog About Patrick" week. He is supplying me with a lot of content this week. He's good that way.

The other day, about 15 minutes after we had arrived home from picking up Katie at school I looked at him (no, I didn't go 15 minutes without looking at him, he had been sitting at the kitchen table having a snack with his back to me) and wondered what in the world is on his face?? Yes, the kids had just had their after-school snack--but that wasn't it. Was that blood, was he hurt? No, it's not red. What the heck?

But then I knew. On the way into the house he had picked me one of our star gazer lilies that are in bloom right now (they are beautiful this year, I might add) and he'd been smelling it.

What was all over his face...pollen from the flower.

Not one sneeze out of the little guy and the stuff was practically in his nose.

We Lams are tough that way.

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Dawn said...

LOLOL!!! I laughed out loud!!! Hilarious.