Monday, June 7, 2010

McLinky Monday--Who was I from 1984-1988?


Who Were You in High School?

Ok, this is a totally embarrassing photo (what's with the teeth? I had braces, but had the front ones taken off for they Nice backlighting, so 1988). I told Dawn that if I could come up with a high school photo of me, I'd do a McLinky Monday. Well, everything is available on the web...even old high school photos. I know it seems weird that I don't have any high school photos of me here at my home...but all that stuff is in a big trunk at my mom's house in my old room.

Anyway, here's the abbreviated version of who I was. In high school, who I was should be answered by those who I went to school with, but here's the best with I've got I had lots of girlfriends that I "cruised" around with (keep in mind that my hometown has a population of about 4,000--small--not much to do). My senior year, I had a boyfriend, but he was from another near-by small town and was involved in sports and what not at his school, so there were many weekends that we didn't get to see each other and just talked on the phone. Remember when we used to do on the phone, that was connected by a wire, to a wall in our homes, so that if someone else tried to call they got a busy signal? Remember those old days...when high school boyfriends/girlfriends had relationships not via texting??

Anyway, I had lots of friends. I would say I was popular. Like I said, my hometown was small, so everyone was pretty much friends with everyone. Everyone's parents knew each other...there was definitely a higher level of accountability in my hometown beyond just your parents. Which was a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. Looking back...I say it's a good thing...kept us out of trouble.

I was a cheerleader all 4 years. I was on the golf team, in various clubs, student council, etc., etc.

So, that's who I was in high school wrapped up in a nutshell. I liked high school, but I certainly didn't loooooove it and don't look back at high school as the 'best times of my life.' But it was fun and I have life long friends from high school (though most of my friends from my hometown are friends that were from when I was an itty bitty girl). I went to my 10 year HS reunion, it was ok. I didn't go to my 20 year reunion, it seemed a little unorganized and didn't give me enough time to re-schedule our summer plans.

Oh, the details...almost forgot. I went to Kingman High School (Kingman, Ks.) and graduated in 1988.

Now....McLinky, if you want some good pics, ask about college...I've got all sorts of sorority party pics! ;)


Nadine Hightower said...

don't be so hard on yourself that is a fab photo!! You're a knock out!!

Dawn said...

Yay!! You found a picture. I love it! And, I'm cracking up that you had your braces taken off for the picture. Ha!

Laughed out loud about the phone comment. Yes, I remember when it would ring busy. At one point in my life we even had a party line. Know what that is?

Thank you for participating today.
~ Mrs. Albright aka Dawn

Baloney said...

I can't believe your ortho would be willing to take the braces off for your picture. Ka-raaaazy.
Love your hair. :)
Thanks for linking up today with the RHOK!
~Mrs. Priss/Baloney

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Oh yes I do remember the days of talking on a an actual home phone connected to a wire ;)

Mrs. Howell said...

getting your braces off for photos was an option?!?!?!? i had mine off for my sr pics but the picture from my junior year (w/braces) is totally frightening. . .not to mention my hair was styled with "wings" and "big bangs". ugh.